Whether it be MIG, TIG, or STICK welding, you will likely need to learn how to weld to make or repair your own go kart.  So lets get to the basics.

What welder is best? MIG vs STICK vs TIG

MIG is by far the easiest (and usually best) way to weld a go kart.  This is the ‘plug and play’ way to weld. I recommend MIGwelding because its very common, and if you can hold a pencil, you can MIG or Flux Core weld.


Stick welding is old school, but you can still do it!


I learned how to TIG weld first. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are a glutton for punishment. It takes both hands, fine motor skills, and usually a foot pedal for amperage control. The only good thing about tig welding, is that the when you finally get the hang of it, the welds just look so pretty.

I have a welder, now how do I weld?
MIG Welding

clamp your ground to the metal, hold the gun close to the metal, cock your head to one side, and pull the trigger. For better control, I place my left hand under my right hand and make little C’s as I travel along the weld path

STICK Welding

Clamp your ground to the metal, put a rod in the stinger, hold the stinger with both hands, strike or tap the metal with the tip of  the stick, then slowly push in and along where you want to weld and watch the stick and puddle. You want to push in and travel at the same time

TIG Welding

Clamp your ground to the workpiece. Lift arc, strike, or high frequency start your Tungsten, increase amperage, create a puddle, and feed the filler rod into the puddle. Sound easy? Its not.  Still want to try it? Don’t.  Just get a MIG welder.

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  1. I finally figured out how to get back to this area to review replies to questions. So if you respond here rather than to my email, it is OK. I will check back tomorrow. Take care.

  2. I have both the free and purchased plans but do not have the measured dwgs for the spindles and spindels braackets. Do you have detail dwgs of these parts?

  3. would a 130amp 120v mig welder work for a frame and the thicker metals? like a $150 harbor freight welder?

  4. Hi KartFab I also forgot. for the brackets that hold the spindles you said make a couple of passes.How many passes?

  5. Hi KartFab I just got a 90amp flux core welder.It’s really weak.It says that it needs 20amps min.What would you consider for it’s max amps for it.

  6. Can I widen the whole cart by three inches to make the back of the frame an even 24″? Just seems that the 1’9″ is a bit narrow for two riders. I would keep the motor installed in the same place and then widen the seat supports. Probably have to change the angles of the steering column bit also

    1. Rick, yep its totally up to you. Most ‘older’ people would benefit from having a 6″ extension between the steering wheel and the front of the seat. The live axle version of the kart is about 40″ from outside of wheel to outside of wheel.

  7. Hey, I am trying to figure out which kart I am going to build l. Would the live axle standard version hold up to 190lbs. Also If I choose to go with the standard live axle, could I switch the clutch for a torque converter in the future?

    1. Yes, the live axle will holda 190 lb rider easily. You can easily go with the clutch or torque converter in the future with no additional modifications, just a bolt on swap and possibly shorten the chain by a few links with the torque converter.

  8. Hey I’m trying to add new tires and rims to an old cart that has these small tires on it. the new tire is too big though, need help

  9. Can your designs be modified to use a swing axle and shocks and springs? I am a Shriner and drive a go kart in parades and I am tired of getting my butt pounded by the rough streets. I turn 80 in July.

    1. Yes, but you would likely need to make the seat backing part of the frame, then use four additional front spindle brackets as the pivot points (2 brackets per pivot point) and two additional “kingpin bolts” as the pivots. The front spindle brackets have the option to be upgraded to springer suspensioni, which is pretty helpful. After you figure out pivot points for the rear, you just need to fab up some brackets that house shocks, one per side of the kart. 12″ go kart shocks should be fine, and are fairly common.

  10. hello just wondering what kind of mig welder you are using. i bought one and look at the instructions and apparently you can weld for two minutes then the machine has to cool down for 8 minutes??? so yea if you give any info i would greatly be happy.

    1. the welder you have shoudl be fine. What people dont realize,is that you weld maybe for 15 seconds then you have to adjust your workpiece, then start again. The cheap little 90 amp 115v mig welders are ok for that kind of thing. The welder I have is a millermatic 251, which is more for continuous use and is pretty expensive (newer versions should include the 252 or something like that?)

  11. Hi I’m from Honduras I would like to make a go kart with stationary motor as I can modify it to install the accelerator to put it in front. I love your go kart you are a genius .. greetings +50499726179

  12. Love the video series for the homemade go kart. My son wants one of his own now. He’s 15 and almost 6′ tall and somewhere north of 200lbs. Is it possible to modify the live axle go kart plans to accommodate adult riders?

      1. Thanks. Would the 1″ square tubing be strong enough, or would you recommend a beefier alternative?

      1. Hi

        Hope u are still monitoring this site. Wondering if anyone has adapted the dead or live axle frames for electric motor vs a gas.
        Any suggestions or thoughts.
        I am new to this. I saw a reference to a no weld frame – can you point me?

        1. yeah, you don’t have to really adapt anything other than putting a sprocket on an electric motor that matches the axle sprocket pitch, and gear your electric motor properly.

  13. Kart fab can you weld me up a dead axle if I get you specs? my cheap welder doesn’t have the power to weld the spindles!

      1. Hello sir plz tell me whole setup which we used in this gokart and I am from Pakistan I am trying to make like this plz tell how I buy

        1. hello sir, please actually read my entire website as it already tells you the “whole setup” with detailed instructions. If you need parts, you can look at the kit on the free plans page, and then see if you can calculate shipping outside of the USA. Thanks.

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