Three 2 Seat Manco Go Karts for Kids Just in Time for Christmas

Three Manco go karts that I restored in just a few days, just in time to sell for Christmas. Happy kids!
Manco 485 Go Kart

The trailer is all three of them, after i straightened out the frames. I used a large pry bar to bend back the roll cages that had seen better days. All of them had either rolled or hit something head on and were bent out of shape. Brand new tires came in for all the karts. 145/70-6 tires are on top, and 15×6.00-6 tires are on bottom.

145/70-6 tire, 15x6.00-6 tire
Go Kart Seat, Red and Black

This is one of the seats that I upholstered using plywood, t nuts, marine vinyl, welting (piping), and high density foam.

Below is the manco little critter II kart completely restored! It is a one wheel drive kart with a 5 hp subaru engine, and 16″ tires. The clutch is a 12 tooth #35 sprocket and the axle sprocket is an 80T axle sprocket.

manco little critter, fox go kart
Manco Little Critter/Fox

This next kart is the mango model 485 kart with 30 series torque converter in black and red.

manco 485
Manco 485

This final kart is the same as the one above, but I also added a LED light for night driving.

blue manco go kart model 485 with led headlight
Blue Manco 485

Here is a go kart video of the kids karts with all the pictures.

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58 thoughts on “Three 2 Seat Manco Go Karts for Kids Just in Time for Christmas”

  1. Hi i have a problem with a manco 485. I bought a new 212cc predator engine and a 30 series troque converter and it won’t fit in the go kart and it hits the body and I was wondering if you can help me or show me how you did it to fit it.

  2. Interested in a two seater. How much? One that the frame is in good shape don’t care if roll cage is bent.

  3. Where can I find or get a Left rear chain drive wheel assembly with the sprocket and adapter for my grandson double seater manco. Will any size matter if you don’t care what size tires you have on back.

  4. I have a Manco 485 kart that is missing the seat bracket. Any ideas where I might be able to find one? Driving me nuts looking around. Thanks!

  5. Is their a suspension kit option for this two seater critter 2?
    Do I just need to fabricate something to my liking?
    The cart rides rough and is hard on the kids. I understand if someone has the money to spend their are a lot of carts out there.
    Some people have to work with what they have..

  6. Hello. Just a question. I have a manco critter 2 with a 212 predator on it. Chain seems to be jumping the clutch. How many teeth are on the original clutch? 10t or 12t? It currently has a 12T clutch. The chain is a 35 standard roller chain.

    1. Shim the motor with washers if possible. Between plate and motor, move to desired alignment and tension and tighten.

  7. Hey I have what looks to be a Manco 415 I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a replacement steering wheel and seat

  8. First of all, I love your website and have become a big fan and really liked the article on rebuilding 3 Manco karts for Christmas. I have recently purchased a Manco “Lil Critter” 203B small Kart .. I also have 2 other karts . A Big Carter 2 seater that runs great and a Murray single seater rums great. I bought the LIL Critter recently for my smaller grandchildren and it runs but the small sprocket is completely worn out.. The seller had just purchased a sprocket bthat is pressed onto a 5 inch bolt but I find out that doesn’t work at all. I spoke to Go Power Sports who I love but they said they don’t have the correct sprocket which is the bigger and smaller sprocket combo..Do you have any suggestions where to get one or modification ideas that I can make for the sprocket.. I am told that the current sprocket has small needle bearings inside. Need help on the sprocket!! I also have to build a seat which I will follow your directions,,, Thanks Dave

  9. Hello I’m trying to restore what appears to be a manco 415 series. the parts list calls for a two piece brake rod. I can not find one anywhere. Any suggestions? Thank you

    1. use a 1/4″ rod, or a more heavy duty 5/16″ round bar and weld a washer to the end. bend as needed. Alternatively you can get a rod adjuster “fabricated” by simply putting a die on one end of the rod so it has threads on it and using a mechanism that threads on/off. I forget what it is called.

  10. could you supply plans and parts for a kart that would be suitable for a kart rental business in a third world country

        1. You messaged me on Facebook as well, and I replied. You only said you really wanted a gokart and couldn’t find any. You didn’t tell me where you were located, or how much you had to spend. I can’t hold your hand for you. Just google “go kart distributors near me”

  11. I need a 5 inch split wheel on drive side for manco go kart.
    Any recommendation where i can find one?

    Thank you

  12. Do you know where i can get some side walls for the frame, so a kids legs cant slide out.
    Thanks for any help

    1. I recently built one, Just used thick plastic. drilled holes for zip ties along the edges to affix it to the kart frame.

    2. Engineers need heros too.
      That’s why I’m a welder..
      Scrap metal or newly bought and designe to your wants.
      Kids love the karts, it’s the fabrication that’s fun.
      Try a plastic 55gallon barrel. Cut,heat,shape and install.

  13. Hey I’m having a hard time finding a tire for my go kart it’s supposed to be a MANCO GO KART 485 TIRE and WHEEL RIM hex drive but I can’t seem to find this

    1. Jordan, there are two things: TIRES and RIMS. Tires don’t need a brand, so you just take the number from the sidewall of the tire, and get whichever one you want. If you need the rim, then you should look for the rim diameter and the size of the bore (im assumning you have a 7/8″ hex bore rim you are looking for?) hope that helps.

  14. How can I set up a charging system to power lights on a go kart? I currently have a murray kilowatt with a 6.5 predator and 20 series comet TC.

    1. Hi, I have one that I was trying to restore for my grandson. Something went wrong with the brake and the drive axle (?) broke. Now here I am two weeks from Christmas with all my money tied up in this one and looking for another one. This one has a brand new engine on it. For someone who knew what they were doing it wouldn’t be difficult; however, that’s not me. What do you want for yours? Trade deal?

  15. I bought the 145/70-6 tires for my Manco 2 seater and there’s no room for a regular sized nut. Do I need to get a smaller tire?

      1. There is a spacer. I measured. Without a spacer I have 3 11/16 inch long spindle. With a spacer I have a 3 7/16 inch long spindle. The inside of the wheel is 3 1/4 inches long. So, with a spacer I have 3/16 of an inch for a nut. Also do these wheels last a long time? They look like a bigger version of some I bought at harbor freight and the bearings would ware out very quickly, will this happen to the 145/70-6 tires?

  16. I was just really interested in your go karts I was wondering if you were selling them are willing to trade 4 little items our cash was it really interested for my for girls

      1. Do u think u could maybe restore one for me? I don’t know anything about it and I don’t even know if I will get it but if I do get it do u think u could maybe restore it for me?

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