Manco Dingo 13 hp Off Road Go Kart

Here is the mango dingo go kart. I bought it and it was in really bad shape

Plasma cut, manco, aluminum diamond plate

I cut out some diamond plate for the 40 series torque converter shroud and used my plasma cutter to cut out the letters.

I riveted the plate to the engine shroud after I painted it orange.

manco torque converter cover
diamont plate floor pan

Here is the diamond plate on the floor pan.

head rest with orange piping and diamond plate

Diamond plate near the head rest.

front view diamond plate

Diamond plate on the front of the kart. So shiny you can see the reflection of the concrete in it.

cabinet runner floor pan cover

I added a vinyl cabinet runner over the floor pan for added durability (but mostly for looks).

Mango Dingo 13 hp

Here is the rolling go kart chassis with new tires, painted black and orange rims, all it needs is the engine.

Honda GX390 Black and Orange, KartFab

This is me after I painted the Honda GX390 engine shroud; new decals, and a fresh coat of clear over the top.

Manco Dingo 13 Hp

I sold this go kart to these guys, do you think they like orange?

Here is a video of the mango dingo driving circles around. It shows a nice little view of the kart’s features and how it handles.

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52 thoughts on “Manco Dingo 13 hp Off Road Go Kart”

  1. I have a 301 with the ARC goodies, Chromoly pushrods, and stock carburetor. I have a 30 series tc..Will that tc be able to handle the engine?

  2. Hey I just picked up a manco dingo that has a 13hp Honda 390gx. Was this a standard engine in these carts or has it been upgraded? On the head rest it’s written high performance… there are no tags on the frame. What model would it be? Any ideas?

    1. no idea. look up manco go kart model list and see if it looks like one of the ones in a manual. Manco always put the model on a sticker under the seat pan directly below the steering hoop.

  3. Hi I am currently rebuilding the same go kart and have decided to use a GX390 engine which has been tuned to the maximum running around 35 hp maybe 40 so I have purchased the comet 94c duster clutch and 90d driven pulley as I was told that this amount of hp on the 40 series’s would tare the belts apart you think this torque converter system will work well with the engine?

  4. What specific model of Dingo is this? I have a Dingo that is the same as the one pictured, with the solid spindles that don’t have springs up front, but I can’t find a manual or anything for this specific one. I believe it is the Manco Dingo 285, but not sure if there is something specific to this one.

    1. there are a lot of variants here. You should be able to look up the exact model by serial number which is on a sticker on the floor pan directly below the steering wheel. I had one of those as well and i want to say it was the Dingo XL that was on the torque converter side cover.

  5. I want to build a custom e mobility cart able to carry my fishing gear your design is viable so can you price a basic primed chassis with steering box and hubs

  6. Hi, I have a Manco Dingo 285. It looks a lot like that orange one you built. It came with a 5hp Tecumseh motor and I was wondering, I’d like to put a 13hp Predator engine on it. Will it fit right on or what changes will I have to make? Different torque converter, sprocket, axle shaft, etc… ?

    1. i did the 5 hp to 13 hp swap. Basically you need to make a new motor mount and put a 40 series torque converter on it. If that is too much, you can always just swap out the ol tecumseh for a predator 212cc with a stage 1 performance upgrade.

    2. Yes a 13hp preditor will mount right up no problem you may have to drill a couple Holes in the mounting plate i have one with a 13hp Honda GX i have a 1993 Manco Dingo 8hp Briggs Stratton I’ve had since my 5th Birthday One Owner Buggy bought Brand New 1500 M&M Motor Mall and ATV Dealership kalamazoo Michigan 49015 my son races a Manco Dingo 6.5hp preditor i race the Manco Dingo 13hp Honda GX we have a Manco Dingo Deuce 630cc Honda GX a Manco Silver Fox Artic Cat Jag 4000 440 engine Fucking Hauls ass 85 90 mph our manco Dingo Deuce 630 runs 75 80 mph the 8ph and 13hp run 65/70 mph my son’s Manco Dingo 6.5hp run 50 55 all day long easy and he also has a Hammerhead 150cc we have 3 Offroad riding mowers my 1985 Honda 200s Three Wheeler my wife’s 1995 Polaris Trail Boss 250 our sons 2006 kazuma Falcon 150 my kazuma falcon 250 yamaha raptor clone my wife’s Offroad Gulf Kart 2 homemade Side By Sides my dad and i built and a Spare Alsport Trisport 8hp Briggs Stratton Three Wheeler

    3. I am the one Kart built the go kart for and can say it’s still going strong after all these years.

      His work is now enjoyed by my son lol.

  7. I bought a manco ,dingo IX on the back of the head rest cage 9HP briggs and stratton engine anybody know what the model number be??
    Someone painted over the sticker

  8. Was looking for a Live Axel for a Big Trike build. Found one on CL with tires and It came as a FULL MANCO DINGO!! Now, I don’t know what to do with it. I still want to build my trike but I dont have it in me to cut up this dingo. Here are some pics from my iCloud to check it out. It was going to be a Warrior front end and an live axel from the donor Dingo.

      1. kartFab are you the guy that made the orange custom dingo go-kart? I am doing a similar build with my son. We are rebuilding my dingo go-kart from when I was a kid. Should be a good time. What size tires did you go with on the back?

      2. Hi. I have (what i think is) one of these. The drive stopped working. The engine runs fine but it won’t drive. I’m guessing its the clutch (torque convertor) but that’s as far as I’ve got. Any idea where I can get spare parts? Cheers

  9. I want one of those go karts so bad but since I live in an apartment I don’t have much space to build it or keep it. this really sucks because these are so awesome!

  10. I have a streaker Fun Kart 2 seater with a 11 hp Briggs and the axle just brake the model of the streaker is a D695 is that a jack shaft? And where would I get 1 one. I have another question how do you get rid of the jerkyness of the clutch maybe it’s time for a new one or should I just go straight chain with a clutch?

    1. visit diygokarts and ask that question posting pics. You might need to clean the torque converter. DO NOT USE A CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH. and what do you mean by “: and the axle just brake”

  11. I just purchased a dingo kart and I have a 11 HP Honda motor that I want to put on it, will it fit, or will I have to modify it some.

    1. thd 11 and 13 hp engines are the same size, just different internals. They BARELY fit on my amex 200 (smaller than dingo), but if it is a full size dingo, you shouldnt have an issue. You will have to figure out making a new motor mount and jackshaft assembly so everything fits just right.

    1. 6.5 hp is the horsepower rating of the engine. The best engine for a go kart is typically the 6.5 hp predator engine, also known as the 212cc predator engine.

  12. 1 have a yerf dog go kart I would like to put a 13 hp preditor engine on it. Does the 40 series come in a kit I can bolt on to the engine like the 30 series and if so I would run a chain straight to the axle? Or am I going to still need a Jack shaft? Thanks

    1. Raymond. You are in luck. There is only one manufacturer of the 40 series bolt on torque converters.
      The bolt on 40 series torque converter is rated to 16 hp and is just like the 30 series TAV2, but built extra heavy duty for the 40 series. The bolt on kit comes with a jackshaft just like the TAV2, so all you do is bolt the backplate to your engine, and run the chain around the axle and 10t sprocket. The kit will fit the predator and any larger block engine 8 hp-16 hp.

  13. My father and I are working on a 13 hp go kart restoration, I was wondering what type of gear ratio did you use on the manco dingo kart. Right now we are using a 60 tooth rear gear, with 10 on the torque converter, we originally used 14t straight to the 60t but the acceleration was bad and we burned up the clutch. We are new to modifying karts, but my dad is getting into it he now has 5 karts, and I am the mechanic of course, so I am trying to learn as much as possible.

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