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2015 Go Kart Build Off Announcement

go kart build off contest
If you want to mod, restore, or build a go kart from scratch, now you have the chance to show it off to the world! Check out the diygokart forum post for 2015 contest details.

Starting May 4th, 2015 DIYGokarts.com will kick off their 2015 go kart and mini bike build off contest. Participants will have until October 31st to finish their build. Forum members will get a chance to vote on who built the best go kart. It’s all just for fun and is a cool experience to follow the builds, or enter yourself.

Go Kart Build Contest Rules

Anybody can enter the go kart build off contest, and there are a few rules for the contestants.

  • one or two seat vehicle that generally looks like a go kart, buggy, minibike (someone entered a tracked vehicle last year)
  • self-propelled
  • electric or gas engine
  • no automobile chassis allowed
  • wheels, tracks, or skis are ok!
  • finish by the deadline
  • shouldn’t be more than 50% complete when entered.

Previous Go Kart Build Off Winners

2013 go kart build off winnerCheck out Fabroman’s 2013 go kart build off, this was made completely from scratch and shows a lot of effort and skill in fabricating the kart.

2014 go kart build off winnerRelativity was the 2014 build off winner. He restored and modified an old manco go kart to become a twin engine go kart that sounds incredible!

So How do I Enter the Go Kart Build Off?

Anyone can enter this go kart and mini bike build off contest and its free! Whoever wins doesn’t really ‘get’ anything other than bragging rights and a great feeling from accomplishing a build that they are proud to show off to the online community.  Entering is easy, all you have to do is become a diygokart forum member,  and post up your build on the forum so come check out the contest!

Here is a great video showcasing what DIYGoKarts is all about. Building go karts!

If you like this article, go ahead and share it with someone who might want to get in on the action! So what do you think about the contest? Let me know below in the comments.