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So you want to make your mini bike street legal? There are a few things you need to know before you undertake this challenge. For most vehicles, you will need a vin, and proof that you own it (a title). If you have a mini bike that you want to register, you will need to get a vin by having a police officer inspect it, and then provide you with a vin. If you don’t have a title, then you need to speak with your insurance company to see if they will grant you a “bonded title”, which comes with a fee attached. If you can put all of the required legal safety appliances on your mini bike, get a vin, and title, then you are well on your way to making your mini bike street legal!

The below video will go over the safety appliances that most motorcycles need to become street legal. For all intents and purposes, you will be registering your mini bike as a motorcycle. If you have specific questions about your own build, feel free to comment in the YouTube video itself.

After watching this street legal mini bike video, you now know about safety appliances, brake lights, headlights, and tail lights. A lot of the upgraded parts I put on my mini bike are found here. These are just a few steps towards getting your mini bike on the road. Its up to YOU to be safe. Some states will outright refuse to allow you to register your mini bike, and ride on public roads, and for good reason.

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