Mini Bikes

Mini Bikes

Check out the mini bike build guides and races below!


Monster Moto Resto Mod. Check out this build walk-through on how to do a predator 212 engine swap, stage 1 upgrade, tire replacement, clutch, axle, and a little upholstery.

Street Legal Manco Thunderbird. This started out as a standard mini bike, but quickly transformed into a hopped up street cruiser, complete with brake light, headlight, turn indicators, horn, and more!

Mini Bike Races

Check out some of the fastest flat track mini bike races in the world. Featuring our very own mini bike racing group, Texas Outlaw Mini Bikes. Full length videos of stock class, women’s class, and outlaw class. Some of the hardest wrecks, and intense battles for placement happen here on Texas soil. Check out all of the mini bike race videos here.

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