Live Axle Go Kart Plans

Go Kart Live Axle Plan Bundle
Live axle go kart plans will show you how to build an off road go kart with a downloadable PDF bundle for two live axle go kart builds.

Deluxe Upgrade KitStandard Kit
live axle go kart kit
standard live axle go kart kit

Live Axle Go Kart Benefits

  • better traction when off road with 18″ knobby tires
  • higher speed (36 mph) and low end torque through the use of a 30 series torque converter
  • stop faster with 8″ disc brakes
  • extra stability with a wide wheel base
  • build customization with two plan versions included to choose between brakes, clutch, wheel size, and engine.

What you Get with the Plans

live axle plans password restricted area

1) PDF Deluxe Upgrade Live Axle Plans (highest performance)
2) PDF Standard Live Axle Plans (least expensive to build)

3) Complimentary access to a password protected area of for step-by-step support, high resolution pictures, and hidden video.

Customer Reviews

“Awesome cart. It’s going to be a wonderful time with my son.”

“this is awesome!! I am going to try this out!”

“Thx man this helps a lot”

“you r awesome I consider you a bro thx ive been looking all over for this”

“Thanks so much. Just learned to weld and this is my first big project. Basic frame is done. Waiting for parts to arrive. Father of four and it been my dream to build something like this.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When do I get my plans?
A: Upon payment completion, you will receive a purchase receipt (check your junk mail if you don’t). The receipt has a link to the live axle PDF plans, as well as the the password and link to supplemental instructions, pictures, and support on

Q: How much does it cost for everything?
A: Plans are $20, the kit is between $615 and $1,020 depending on upgrades you select (engine, brakes, tires, rims, and clutch). Steel and hardware is common, and will cost about $150, which is available at your local hardware store and steel yard. A bill of all materials and tools needed is in the go kart plans themselves.

Q: Do you ship the go karts part kit to USA, Canada, UK, or my country?
A: Yes, shipping is free in the USA, and calculated at checkout using FedEx international rates.

Q: Why do you sell these plans? Don’t you give out free ones?
A: I offer free plans, but that is for a basic one wheel drive go kart. Many people wanted upgraded live axle go kart plans instead, which is why I made these plans. The funds go to helping me build more crazy stuff, and keeping good content on this website.

Q: What’s the difference between a live axle and one wheel drive go kart?
A: Live axle provides traction to both wheels, allowing them to spin at the same rate. One wheel (dead axle) provides power to only one wheel, and isn’t the best for off-road, or serious traction. A one wheel drive is the simplest and cheapest go kart, whereas a live axle has better performance off road.

Q: Which upgrades should I get with the live axle go kart kit?
A: Generally speaking, the standard live axle kit is great for level, on road use. If you are going off road, fast, or climbing hills, the deluxe upgrade live axle kit with  bigger tires, disc brakes, and a torque converter is a must.

Q: Do you sell a complete go kart kit where I just bolt everything together?
A: No, but you can select a vintage no weld go kart kit at the same website where I link to the go kart kit parts above.

Q: Do you offer a money back grantee?
A: Nope. My work speaks for itself.

Q: What if I get stuck during the build, can you help me?
A: Yes. I made a password protected area of (a link and password is included in the plans) with in depth instructions, high resolution go kart plan pictures, and unlisted YouTube videos by which you can ask me direct questions through commenting.

Q: How long does it take to build a go kart?
A: If you know what you are doing, and have all the materials, about 4 separate days. One day to cut the metal, one day to weld it together, one day for paint, and one day for assembly.

Q: How do I build a go kart?
A: Buy the plans and find out.

Building memories is priceless, and go karts are awesome. So what are you waiting for? Its time for you to build a go kart starting now!

Customer Submitted Build Photos

Here are a few customer completed builds that used the deluxe live axle go kart plans that they downloaded here at

Now that you have seen the plans, and know others have built them successfully, why not try them out for yourself?

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