Go Kart Throttle Cable: Parts Kit & Setup

go kart throttle
Installing a go kart throttle cable assembly is a snap. This guide will show you what parts to get. Go kart throttle setup instructions include the go kart throttle pedal, return spring, cable, and engine linkages.

Go Kart Throttle Cable Parts Kit

When installing a go kart throttle cable following the free go kart plans that I have on my site, I used the following throttle cable parts from the kit. Each item in the list takes you to the individual throttle system part in a new window:

I also had to get the hardware for mounting the go kart’s throttle parts. The following hardware was used for the complete throttle assembly from the pedal to the engine:

  • 5/16″-18 x 2″ bolt for the throttle pedal pivot
  • 5/16″-18 nut for the pivot bolt
  • 1/4″ ID 3/8″ OD x 1/2″ steel spacer inside the cable eyelet
  • 1/4″-20 x 1 1/4″ bolt for the cable eyelet
  • 1/4″-20 x 1″ bolt to secure the throttle return spring
  • (3x)1/4″ -20 nuts (two for the cable bolt, one for the return spring bolt)

go kart gas pedal

Go Kart Throttle Pedal: Gas Pedal

The go kart throttle pedal (also known as a gas pedal) is the one on the right of the picture with its associated return spring and hardware used to mount it to the go kart frame. Looking at the gas pedal, you will notice there are four small holes on the lower portion of the pedal. The lowest one is for the 5/16″ pivot bolt, the 3rd one up is for the go kart throttle return spring, and the top one is for the actual go kart throttle cable eyelet.

go kart throttle tab and pedal stops

Pedal Stops and Cable Tab Fabrication

Pedal Stops: It is a relatively straightforward process to weld up the pedal stops. Just like the brake pedal stops that we created, you will do the same thing for the throttle pedal. This will limit the travel of the throttle pedal so your cable will not stretch out if you push on the gas too much, nor will it allow the pedal to hit the tie rods as you step on the gas.

Cable Tab: Weld the throttle cable tab on about a 45 degree angle on the center beam of the kart. The tab should be spaced 4″ back from the center of the throttle pivot hole. When the cable is bolted to this bracket or tab, it should face where the eyelet will hook up to the pedal. One can eyeball where to weld it after it has been tacked into place, then use a hammer and pliers to position it just right. Make the final welds when the cable is not hooked up, or you could melt the protective covering off of the cable housing.

go kart throttle cable install

Go Kart Throttle Cable Installation

After you have the throttle pedal, stops, and cable tab installed, it is time to install the go kart throttle cable.  Referencing the picture above, you simply unscrew one of the bolts on the cable housing, and slide the end through the tab’s 5/16″ hole. You will need to remove the inside cable from the housing to do this. Afterwards, just bolt up the cable’s eyelet to the throttle pedal on the top hole, and reinsert the cable inside the housing.

Tip: As the cable stretches over time, you can either adjust the slack in the cable at the engine side, or near the gas pedal.

Referencing the same picture above, the top portion shows the end of the cable housing as it is bolted to the engine’s throttle plate. The cable then goes through the throttle stop, and is secured with a small screw. The throttle plate pictured above  is the most common type of linkage you will see on Honda, and Predator engines. If you are not sure how to hook up a throttle cable on your specific engine, check your user’s manual for something like ‘remote throttle linkage’ instructions.

Now that the go kart throttle cable and associated linkages are made, you are pretty much done with the go kart fabrication.  You could sit on it and drive, but there are a few more extras you should consider fabricating to make the kart safer, or cooler, or both. Lets have a look at these options before we paint it.

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28 thoughts on “Go Kart Throttle Cable: Parts Kit & Setup”

  1. Recently purchased an older Manco 2 seater kart with the Robin Subaru EX21 engine. Seller had it up on stands showing it with the engine racing. I can only get it to idle normally if I push the butterfly to its idle position. Adjusted the governor as per the manual. Moving the large lever on the throttle control where the throttle cable connects does nothing. I have a return spring on the butterfly temporarily to control the idle but the throttle cable is disconnected for now. I have pictures if you accept images. At a standstill with it right now. Please advise.

    Thank you

  2. I am building a cart with a 208cc gas motor. It does not have variable throttle control. What is my best/easiest option for speed control?

    1. Throttle control is best done at the carburetor. I currently have a PZ22 Carburetor and although it doesn’t have much travel distance (approximately 1” total), it responds very well.

  3. I have a 6 /2 hp b and s engine with overhead valves. I’m wondering which throttle kit I need for it and cable length. Gas pedal to engine is 5 ft if I measure straight back in length. I have a Manco dingo. Any help is appreciated. I can send pictures if needed. Thanks

  4. Hey KartFab.com can you guys help me out and suggest a engine that is cheap but has a desist amount of speed for a 13 or 14 year old? If you guys can help me out thank you guys so much.

  5. Do you have any comments on what engine I should use for my GO KART

    If so can you respond to this plz? And if so thx.

      1. I got the 420cc predator on my daughter gokart. Sucker will fly, we clock it at 45 mph. I ended up putting a governor on it. Dang girl drove it like a mad woman.

    1. Predator makes a racing 212cc Ghost engine for $300. You can pick up at harbor freight tools. It is worth every penny. Also may as well get the accessory kit with the pulsed fuel pump and exhaust.

  6. I just got a 169cc Subaru go cart I can get it to start right up but when I give it gas it wants to back forever and choke out what can I do

    1. Again, check out the link in the article for the return spring but it goes around the bolt that holds the pedal, and there are pictures and video of this in the article here.

  7. Want to build a kart for my 10 year old but would like to start with the top speed really governed down. All the info I find is about removing the governor. To keep speed down am I adjusting the governor or just the throttle screw. Still want low end acceleration, just not high end speed when neighborhood kids are all driving it on my block.


    1. you can adjust the throttle screw and be fine to a point. If you adjust throttle screw too low, then that’s when you cut into acceleration. You can adjust the governor a little bit, but not like you can with the throttle screw.

      If you are really concerned about retaining acceleration, you can make a jack shaft, and just swap out the sprockets as needed to change the gear ratio later. Something like 10t cluch to 20t jackshaft in, then 10t jackshaft out to 50t axle. This is just an example.

  8. I have a thunder Kart and I’m not sure how to attach it to the accelerator pedal rod that extends to the rear of the go kart. Anyone know how to attach it to this rod? A picture would be helpful. Thanks

  9. It’s not the same type as you have shown its the kind with a screw that allows it to be set where you want but when the spring is compressed all the way the throttle can be opened more

  10. I’ve taken my front brake and gas pedal off this CL project and am wondering if you could post a full pic of the front end of a similar kart and how these go back on? Thanks Kartfab! Here’s a pic it’s from a Fox Tracer LXT (Manco), model#485B-2, American Sportworks.

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