Go Kart Floor Pan: How to Build

go kart floor pan
The next step in building a go kart frame is the floor pan, which is a thin sheet of steel that protects you from the ground and provides a nice resting spot for you and your friend's feet.

sketchup floor pan

Go Kart Floor Pan Material and Dimensions

The go kart floor pan material is just your standard  mild steel that has a thickness of 16 gauge, or about 1/16″ thick. This is the perfect balance of weight and strength.  The dimensions for this go kart are found in the go kart plans for the floor pan, which is 26″ x 20″.

floor pan positioning on go kart

Position the Floor Pan Under the Go Kart

The floor pan is designed to have 1/2″ of frame overhanging on each side, including the front axle tube. This is where you want to position the go kart floor pan, which lines up perfectly with the center-lines of the outside edges of the frame, as well as the go kart’s front axle. I marked the areas on the floor pan that I also wanted to stitch weld.

I made a few cuts down the center line of the floor pan for extra support when welding. I knew this would cause minor warping, so only do this if you want the extra support. A good tack toward the rear of the kart in the center beam of the frame should be enough.

welding a go kart floor pan

Tack, Then Weld The Go Kart Floor Pan

A word on warping. If you tack alternating opposite corners and sides of the go kart’s floor pan, you will equalize warping and literally stretch out the floor pan (which is what I was trying to accomplish). I feel like I added too many tacks that were too close together and welded on too high of a heat setting. The result was a very small arch in the frame which actually helps it support more weight (think bridge arch). So if you want to do this and get that effect, copy it exactly. If you want to minimize warping, do a low amperage setting with about a 1″ stitch weld every few inches (maybe 4 stitches on the 26″ side, and 3 on the 20″ side. You can really space the tacks out to minimize warping, and not bother welding in the middle of floor pan.

go kart floor pan seat adjuster holes drilled

Drill Holes in the Floor Pan for the Seat Adjuster Bolts

Two holes need to be cut on the end of the go kart floor pan for the seat mounting bracket bolts to be installed. Mark a point that intersects at 2 3/4″ in from the edge of the floor pan’s 26″ side, and 2″ in from the 20″ side. Do this twice.

go kart floor tray

Now that you have the floor pan finished, it is time to install the clutch, engine, and engine mount. Keep up the hard work, you are making a lot of progress! Just stay focused and take it step by step.

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19 thoughts on “Go Kart Floor Pan: How to Build”

  1. HI!
    just got in, and plan to build the one wheel kart for the kids, preparing for the summer 😉

    One question before ordering the GPS kit (GO KART KIT WITHOUT ENGINE- FRAME NOT INCLUDED) : does it include all needed to build the kart you present on your site? (orange one). Say, brake, arm for the steering, and so on?
    just about to order, thanks!!!
    François, from montreal, canada.

    1. any 6.5 hp industrial 4 stroke engine with a straight 3/4″ shaft keyed to 3/16″ will work. in this case, the engine is a predator 212cc.

  2. For all the “No Welding” people, sorry but that’s the safest and most reliable way to put a kart chassis together. You can get an inexpensive wirefeed Fluxcore or MIG (shielding gas) welder from several sources that will do fine – you just have to work in short bursts within the duty cycle, allowing cooldown time.

    If you can, go MIG and get a bottle (Or two – use one, fill one) of CO2 shielding gas – it’s worth the slight premium for much cleaner work.

    1. The exact engine they are using can be foun on amazon foe 115$ up to 180$ depending on what quality of engine you buy. the lowest one is just fine, but the highest has 9 horsepower and an electric start engine.

  3. Have you ever tried attaching floor pan with self drilling screws? I dont have access to a welder and have a budget restoration.

    1. google ‘steel distributors near me’ any metal supplier will have steel, and you tell them the dimensions and they shear it off for you so you don’t have to cut it.

  4. Do you sell a complete go kart kit where I just bolt everything together? I wanna buy m frm india

  5. hello i i saw your video is great i want to build a cart like that for my kids is aney way you can send me some plans for it prints
    how much it cost i hope hear from you Mario

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