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PDF deluxe live axle go kart side narrow view
Have you ever wanted to buy some go kart plans that are on sale? Well, you can get some for free or buy them. I offer both. I build and restore go karts, made a PDF of the plans, and offer go kart plans for free, and go kart plans for sale. You're welcome.

Who are you?

I am just some random dude from the inter-webs that builds and restores go karts, aka KartFab. I have a few years experience flipping karts and built my own from scratch. Some may think I am an attention whore, because I have my own go kart YouTube channel, but I really just like go karts as a serious hobby and enjoy sharing that with others.

Where are these ‘free’ plans?

Right here, just click on the link to download them. There is no catch. Just free plans. You can keep reading the rest of this article, to find out about the difference between the free and paid plans.

What is the difference between the free and $20 go kart plans for sale?

The free plans give you the simplest, easiest to build, and cheapest go kart. It is a 2 seat go kart with a one wheel drive assembly.

The $20 go kart plans for sale contain two plans bundled together as follows:

  1. First is a simple live axle with centrifugal clutch and small tires pictured here:standard live axle go kart side narrow view
  2. Next is the deluxe upgrade plans that have large off road tires, 30 series torque converter, and disc brakes.deluxe live axle go kart side narrow view

So either way you look at it, you can buy go kart plans that I have for sale that are awesome, or you can get the free ones for a simple go kart. It is up to you!

So where do I get the go kart parts and materials?

I actually had to contact many go kart parts suppliers just to see if they would work with me to offer a parts kit for each of my builds. One of them worked with me to make a parts kit for the plans I made. I told them that I would link to them in my videos and site if they would cut the cost on parts as a kit. Its a win win. Actual, quality go kart parts for half the cost elsewhere, and free or inexpensive plans. Your welcome. You can look at the go kart kits here.

When are the plans available?

Right now. Good thing the plans are in digital format so you don’t have to worry about them getting crusty and wrinkled with age.

Every day that passes doesn’t make the plans age, but you are one day closer to death. So get off your butt and start making a go kart that you can enjoy now before you die. That is my high pressure pitch to build urgency to motivate you.

How can I repay you?

If you are feeling extra charitable, you can repay me by visiting my channel and subscribing to my YouTube videos below:

I try to make mildly informative and entertaining go kart videos. Every person that subscribes, actually watches, thumbs up my videos, gives a little comment, and shares the videos helps me get more views and rank higher in YouTube search algorithms. The more views I get on YouTube, the more $$ I get. I don’t do it all for the dollars, but it is pretty fun for me to do what I love while making enough to support this site and my next build.

If you do that with my videos, it will not only ‘repay’ me by boosting my presence on  YouTube, but it will give you warm fuzziness.

Speaking of warm fuzzy feelings. If you actually are a finisher and build this go kart from my plans, feel free to shoot me an email with a few pictures of your finished kart. KartFab Pictures

After all, go karts are for those feelings in yourself or others. Fun. Excitement. Freedom. DIY. Accomplishment. Pride. Seeing the feelings in those you love and probably built this for. Thanks!

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26 thoughts on “Go Kart Plans For Sale”

  1. I have a minibike, but it has a centrifugal clutch and I want to change it for a torque converter. but I want one used and in good condition but I do not want to pay a lot for it … will you have one?

  2. I recently bout the live agile plans for 20$. I bought them around 11/24. I also purchased the kit from gopower sports which has arrived. How do I access the plans so I may download the PDF?

      1. My son and I just bought the upgraded live axle package through the link on your site. It’s due to arrive this weekend. Did I misunderstand in thinking the plans were included with that package/ price?

  3. Thank you so much! Father / son builders who love the attention to detail and awesome plans/videos/help that you are providing! All of your free collateral has really helped to get my mind around this project – we are going to do a variation on your frame design. Ordered package from GoPowerSports last week and picking up some steel today 🙂 Going to order your live axle plans now to say thanks – and because you have already thought out the disc brake install 😉 Thank you!!!

  4. So I have run into a little problem. Im only 14 so saving up all the money I need is tough. I’m scared that when I am all saved up that all of the manco parts will be sold out because they are on closeout. What should I do if this occurs? Because I know the seat is a critical part to the design. What should I do, other parts will be easy to replace, but the seat, how will I fix this? Thank you.

  5. Just ordered the plans and got a Paypal receipt but no link or login information to get the plans. Does this information come later in a separate email from you?

    1. It shows you purchased the plans in my system the receipt itself (with KartFab heading logo) has links to the standard and deluxe plans. Just in case, i resent this receipt at 2:45 pm central 1/26/2016. Let me know if you did or did not receive and I can do a work around.

        1. I sent PDF plans via my personal email to you all, and resent the receipt with the download, then sent to the email you also provided here so you should be covered. Thanks. (P.S. if you are using internet explorer, you should upgrade to any other browser so you don’t have this issue. Microsoft has dropped support for internet explorer as well.

  6. I purchased the Delux plans and reviewed the them and it looks like it wouldn’t be too difficult to modify them to make the kart a single seater (as my son and I are “full-size adults!) Is this something you think is ok?
    Mike O’Brien

    1. Mike, any deviation to the plans is up to you. I wont be able to give you a ton of advice other than yeah thats ok but that may create a small issue with the tie rods. My son drives the kart that I made (the one in the plans) by himself with the steering on one side. Not a huge deal. If you do want to center it though, the bench seat will still be perfectly fine to sit in the middle. If you choose to get a single seat instead, i cant offer up much advice other than to use your head and figure out the mounting.

      For the steering wheel (if you were to center it) you would need to just get 9″ more flat bar than what the plans call for to mount the hoop in the middle, and you will also need to probably just buy some fine threaded rod and cut it to length. IIRC its an 8″ and an 18″ rod that comes in the kit, so 13-14″ of tie rod on each end would be adequate.

      Also brakes pedal will seem more to the left and may be uncomfortable to reach. Also you will definitely need to redo the gas pedal (just cut another section of tubing to mount to the bumper and weld it more to the right). Also will need to figure out how to mount the throttle tab.

      1. That’s perfect just what I was trying to figure out with live axel. Will go power sports have the kit for the live axel ready then too?

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