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go kart plans
Download a PDF of free go kart plans and see my online guide that will teach you how to build a simple go kart from scratch. Check it out below!

Download a Free PDF of Go Kart Plans

Below you can download the free PDF of go kart plans, and check out the exact go kart parts kit I received to build this 2 seater go kart frame in my garage. The downloadable PDF plans include everything you need to build the two seat go kart from start to finish.

Download Free Fixed Axle Go Kart Plans
free go kart plans
$20 Live Axle Plan Bundle
live axle go kart plans sketchup
Buy Fixed Axle Go Kart Parts Kit
go kart kit
Deluxe Upgrade Live Axle Kit
live axle go kart kit

How to Build a Go Kart: The Steps

go kart materials

Now that you have the plans (download above by clicking on the orange go kart) you can build your own go kart from scratch in an efficient manner! Here is an outline of the process required to build a metal go kart (links will be added below as the walk-through is completed):

Get the Materials

  • Tools – welder, angle grinder, drill, and measuring tools
  • Go kart parts kit  – all the stuff you can’t make
  • Steel –  tubing, plate, and sheet metal
  • Hardware -nuts, bolts, etc
steel tubing for go kart frame

Cut the Steel

  • Mark –  the plate and tubing for cuts and holes
  • Drill – tabs and brackets on the steel plate
  • Cut –  all tabs and tubing
go kart frame build

Base Frame Welding

  • Base Frame – the skeleton
  • Bumper – what the pedals attach to

weld go kart axle

Rear Axle

  • Rear Axle – what your rear wheels go on

go kart floor tray

Floor Pan

  • Floor Pan – what your feet rest on
go kart engine mounted to frame

Engine Mount, Clutch and Drive Wheel

  • Engine – the power plant
  • Motor Mount – what the engine mounts to
  • Clutch – what drives the chain
  • Drive wheel – what puts power to the pavement
go kart seats

Seat Frame and Cushion

Goes over the 2 seater go kart bench installation, framing to support the seat,  seat adjuster, and brackets that need to be welded to the frame.

welding go kart steering

Steering Assembly

Shows you how to build go kart steering system which includes the steering wheel, hoop,  steering shaft, tie rods, spindles and brackets.

go kart brake parts


Shows how to install the the go kart brake band, brake drum, brake rod, and brake pedal. Includes welding the brake band pivot stud and brake stops to the frame.

go kart throttle cable install


Step by step instructions for the remote throttle cable setup starting at the gas pedal, and ending with the engine.

go kart side rails and foot rest


  • Optional – flag, seat belt, and lights,
  • Recommended- footrest and side rails

painting a go kart


  • Prep – wire wheel the metal to remove surface rust
  • Prime – prime the bare metal
  • Paint – paint the kart, seat frame, and rims.
go kart assembly

Final Assembly

Step by step assembly instructions which include: tire mounting, drive wheel assembly, engine, kill switch, clutch, brakes, throttle, steering system, and seat.


Now that you have finished building your go kart from the free plans, materials, and kit, its time to pat your self on the back, put the pedal to the floor, and burn some rubber! This kart is fun for adults, kids, and teens. It goes 25 mph, seats two, and will provide years of fun and enjoyment! If you liked these plans, feel free to spread the word by linking to this page, or sharing them with someone you know. Thanks for downloading these free go kart plans, let me know in the comments below what you think about designing and building your own go kart.

Plans | Materials | Cut | Frame | Axle | Floor | Engine | Seat | Steering | Brakes | Throttle | Extras | Paint | Final Assembly |

363 thoughts on “Go Kart Plans | Download Free PDF”

  1. First time stepping out of my comfort zone, with building a functional motorized vehicle from scratch.

    I am a welder so the metal to metal plans and parts are basically reading and following the blueprints for the frame and so on….I got that part down.

    Out of the blue for no reason at all, I was just given a fully intact 1989 Honda Shadow that has an 1100cc engine. I am looking for guidance on what is the best way to install this said motor and transmission.

    1. Don’t do it man, that’s too much power for this type of veicule, you’re going to die. this type of veicule have like 370cc are already a good way to go, but the “normal” ones have 200/270cc.

  2. This is a great blog post! I’m a beginner kart racer and this is the best information I’ve found so far. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good Morning,

    A friend gave me a used go kart as a project for my son and I. It’s a 90’s Manco Dingo.

    The throttle cable and linkage were removed when I got it and I need advice on how to re-attach it to the Techemsu HM80 engine.

    Can some familiar with these get in contact with me? I can send several photos of what I have. I’m unsure if anything is missing and I haven’t been able to find any youtubes that are similar to this setup.


    1. I have the exact problem same thing there’s nothing on these Tecumseh engines other than lawnmower videos

      1. So look at a lawn mower how the throttle linkage is setup.
        It doesn’t have to be special or some certain type just whatever is the most comfortable for you and still functions.

      2. If the governor has been removed, take all the stock throttle parts off. Retain the original cable clamp, and fasten it to the air cleaner housing. Make a bell crank to change the direction of the throttle input to the carburetor. This took me a while to figure out, bur it works great. Don’t know if my email address will come through, but if you want a picture, let me know.

    2. If the governor has been removed, take all the stock throttle parts off. Retain the original cable clamp, and fasten it to the air cleaner housing. Make a bell crank to change the direction of the throttle input to the carburetor. This took me a while to figure out, bur it works great. Don’t know if my email address will come through, but if you want a picture, let me know.

    3. Do you have any wild trike chopper plans on pdf or have you ever built a adult mini trick chopper was just wondering

  4. Hey KartFab, one quick question. Can i screw a go kart together and it will still be safe at speeds of 45-55 mph? Thanks a lot ur advice would help.


      1. I have a yerf dog 3203…rear rims are stuck on….im looking for a set of rear rims…8″9.50″…used…i believe it’s a 1″bore 1/4″KEYWAY…IF you know someone that can help with these…ive tried the 20ton…heat BB blaster…destroyed the rims…need some…

    1. What I would do if you screw it together I would use bolts number eight hardened and I would double nut and lock them together you don’t have to lock double nuts together you know how to double I would do that and put lock tight to prevent vibrations loose

    2. definitely wouldn’t consider using bolts as a go-kart frame. The learning curve to welding is worth it, no matter the process. Try picking up a flux core welder.

  5. Does anyone know the approximate weight of the completed kart? I’m building a lift for it in my garage to store it out of the way when not in use. I want to be sure I build the lift to support the weight.

  6. Does it has to be “6.5 HP 212cc Predator Engine” or can it be any other type of engine. My cousins and me we looking to buy this kit but we have a different engine. I’m looking for an answer, thank you.

    1. you may have to adapt the design to fit the mounting holes for your engine, but if the displacement is relativlty similar, it should work just fine. Make sure to check your shaft diameter vs clutch internal bore.

  7. Hi Kartfab, thank you for all your work with this site. Looking at ordering for this upcoming summer 2020. Just wondering if it is possible to order a set of live axle go kart plans with reverse option? Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance. – James from Canada

    1. james, there is a reverse kit you can buy that you can just engineer to fit. The DRIVEN unit of a 30 series torque converter slips right onto it. They are on the internet somewhere and are only rated for 8 hp.

      1. No engineering experience… I learned everything from your site and videos… Your go kart will be my first build this summer…. Do I need a torque converter? Can I just run a chain from engine straight to reverse kit? Any plans on making a video on how to do that? And with accompanying plans? Willing to buy plans with reverse option. Thanks

  8. Hi, my engine does not have a cable stop and I was wondering if you knew how to install one onto the throttle arm? I live in Canada, so I was not able to purchase a predator engine, but it is a Honda clone so they are almost identical.

  9. Hello KartFab
    I am planning to build this kart sometime, i want it to go about 25-35 mph and be safe.
    Can i use a 8hp 301cc predator engine for this go kart, or would it be to fast and unsafe.

    1. safe is really dependent on the rider. People have put 79cc up to 420cc engines on these, so the 301 is right in the middle. the predator 212 is the right engine but you are more than welcome to put the larger engine on it.

      1. engine horsepower does not dictate how fast your top end is, just how fast you get there. I have modded a mini xrx for my son and the 10 tooth sprocket on the tav30 combined with the 60 tooth sprocket on the live axle paired with a predator 212 will take my son to 46mph if I back the throttle stop screw all the way out. also tire size and operator weight will help determine top speed.

  10. Hi.
    Amazing stuff, Wish & pray you go miles ahead.
    Have had alot of insight from your simple build.

    One question;
    instead of welding the BASE PLATE below the frame, would there be any drawback if I weld it on top of the frame.

    Will appreciate to hear from you, Thanks & God bless!


    1. I know this was posted a long time ago but I I would definitely recommend welding the bottom plate to prevent stones and other debris from damaging anything in the undercarriage.

      I totally agree that have a nice flat floor would be great but it might be better to use bolts, and smaller panels so it’s easier to access cables and everything inside – just in case.

      Hope it helps,

  11. Thanks for posting these plans. They were great for tackling my first fabrication project. Kind of wish I would’ve upgraded to the paid live axle option but maybe that will be my next one. I put together a video of my build experience here https://youtu.be/NT3_LXQcv6Q thanks again!

    1. Looks good. I really like the green color. If you wish to convert the kart to live axle, you can do that. Just get a live axle kit, and chop the kart in half. You can use everything from the seat forward, possibly even extending the frame 6″ as some like to do. You will need to get a new motor mount as well and center the engine.

  12. I’m a senior at West Campus high school. My partner and I wanted to know of any experts are willing to help us how to build an electric go cart or give us more knowledge of how an electric motor works. We truly need help on our project and it would be amazing if any expert can help us. We also wanted to know if we can get donations for our go kart.
    Thank you,

    1. You commented this exact phrase on my YouTube video as well. I give out free plans for this here on this exact page, and have a complete youtube playlist that goes over every step to build it that has millions of views, which you can see here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzJ0LQjPgipfr9mDUN1PEpkcigEcKjuxK I constantly get people asking me to build the go kart for them, and to pay for it out of my own pocket. I wish you luck in your project and the experience you will gain by doing it yourself, and I’m sure you can come up with funds to do it some other way. Again, if you want electric, the basic components are motor, battery, and controller. It will be up to you to figure it out.

    1. Yes you can. You can use any engine as long as you are able to fabricate parts. I’ve built karts with various engines including Honda CB175 twin, Cb750 four-cylinder, and a 440cc 2-stroke snowmobile engine. One difficulty of using a motorcycle engine is that you have to shift the transmission, and work a clutch. To do this I have used an automatic transmission shifter cable (B&M brand, although others work) to actuate the stock toe shifter. You can also use outboard boat motor shifter cables(used ones can be found cheap off junk boats).
      To operate the clutch it is best to install a regular foot pedal, but in a pinch I have use a motorcycle hand clutch lever connected to the shifter handle(which is usually made from an old piece of handlebar).
      With a motorcycle engine it’s required to use a live axle. The easiest way to do this is to get one from a quad or 3wheeler. Then it will already have bearings and a sprocket carrier.

  13. I’m a senior at West Campus high school. My partner and I wanted to know of any experts are willing to help us how to build an electric go cart or give us more knowledge of how an electric motor works. We truly need help on our project and it would be amazing if any expert can help us. We also wanted to know if we can get donations for our go kart.
    Thank you,

  14. Dear KartFab,

    We finished the live-axle go-kart after six weeks of work. This was our first attempt at a go-kart, and we didn’t know anything to begin with. But your plans explained everything clearly, and the videos were very helpful. We ended up clear-coating the kart with glossy paint. It looks really good. We’ve been driving it through our neighborhood. It handles really well and all our neighbors admire it. We had a lot of fun building the kart, and we’re having lots of fun driving it. We want to thank you for the great plans and for creating this website.

    Ezra and Reuben (ages 13 and 10) and Andrew (Pops)
    Portland, Oregon

  15. Wow this is amazing my name is Tinashe I am from Zimbabwe I really need to make one but the costs here are high if i purchase things on the internet it takes 4 to 5 months to reach my destination. My question is if i were to make a standard live axel kart does the level of rear wheels be higher than front wheels

    1. the rider needs to be level, big, wheels, small wheels, who knows. Just make the rider level and the frame level and adjust where the axle sits on the front and back to make the frame level.

  16. Hi Kartfab!
    I have a question about my built of an go kart. Im gonna have a 6,5 HP engine in the front, and IM thinking about having a centrifugal clutch. Is it a god Idea to use it. And my next question is If i can have a chain all the way from the engine to the rear axle. (About 75cm-1m) And If where can i find one of those or do i Need to customize one.

    Thanks for reply 😉


    1. i have never seen a go kart with an engine in the front. It is probably a bad idea for a number of reasons. That wont stop you from trying it out. Who knows what you can accomplish with a little bit of trial and error. You can get parts in the links to the go kart kits, you can select just axle, or just clutch, or choose a different length of chain by looking in the parts list towards the bottom of the go kart kit landing page.

  17. Hi Kart Fab,

    I have a question about the rear standard live axle assembly. On your plans you say that you need SIX locking collars: one for each tire/rim, two for the break drum, two for the sprocket. But we only received four locking collars. (There are two more that came as part of the bearing/flangette set ups but I understood those to all work together–bearing/flangettes/locking collar.) Can you clarify?

    Also, on your assembly guide you put the break drum inside the driver side bearing/flangette but the image shows that the break drum goes OUTSIDE the driver side axle hanger.

    If you could help us out with this, we’d appreciate it.

    Andrew (and sons)

    1. Andrew, the go kart parts that came with the kit actually have locking set screws on them, so you really dont need the locking collars except for the wheels. The image is just an example, it doesnt matter where you put the drum as long as you can get a stud welded to the frame somewhere as the pivot point for the brake rod. You may need to assemble the axle first to check your clearances for where you put the brake drum/band. IIRC it doesnt matter which side.

  18. Hey kartfab I have a question for you. I completed the dead axle kit a few months ago and I really enjoyed building it and having fun with it however it seemed a little small for me so I wanted to create my own kart would you need a torque converter to make it two wheel drive or could you attach a sprocket to a live axel and attach a chain that way to make it two wheel drive

  19. Hi, KartFab,

    These plans look great, and my sons and I are really looking forward to building the Live Axle kart, which we just purchased plans for.

    I have two questions: first, is the 11 gauge tubing essential or can you work with something less, like 13 gauge? I guess I wonder about the overall weight–11 gauge seems heavy, though I admit I know very little about any of this–and how fast the kart will go. Right now my sons are still pretty small–10 and 13–but they’ll grow. I guess I’m trying to better understand the trade-offs between sturdiness (which I’m concerned about) and weight/speed (which my sons are concerned about).

    Also, can you add upgrades like disc breaks and a torque converter later? Are these difficult changes to make in six months or a year or whatever?

    Thanks again for all your work here. It’s great.


    1. 1) You can substitute 14 ga tubing at all areas EXCEPT the front axle tube. That should be 11 ga. It will not affect speed.
      2) You can add upgrades later. Only minor modifications needed like chain length for torque converter and welding on the mount for disc vs brake band. Have fun!

      1. Thanks. That’s very helpful. But is there any real downside to going with a slightly thinner tube? I mean, I assume you chose 11 gauge for a reason.

        Thanks again.

  20. Hi, from the pictures and videos it looks like the track is wider in the front than the rear. Tires look closer together in the rear. is this correct or am I seeing it wrong? Is there a purpose for the narrower track in the rear? Thanks!

    1. You are correct. You can make the track wider in the rear but you would need to build an additional support on the frame. If you widen it too much without widening the frame, you get some flexing and will bend something.The live axle plans have wide tires and are about the same in the front as they are in the back.

  21. Hey this is Ethan I have just completed the dead axle kit and I was wondering would you have to completely restart your kart to make it a live axle. And would you use the same predator 212 cc engine to go 35mph.


  22. I purchased your deluxe plan kit with the two live axle plans. Is the only reason for the deluxe upgrade plan having a 2 tier chassis with the rear area being higher than the mid in order to accommodate larger rear tires without having a lot of forward rake? If I did the standard build chassis with disc brake upgrade, would there be any clearance issue?

    1. Evan. You are correct. The two tier design will prevent excessive rake. Standard will have a little bit of rake, but that’s okay. So with the standard live axle, you’ve got 15” tires and maximum 8” brake disc. That puts the brake disc 4” below the center of the axle, and the bottom of the tire (ground) at 7.5” below the center of the axle. Should be just fine unless you are going over some really big rocks.

  23. Hey cartfab I have a question for you. I am doing this for a school project and I am wanting to build this however I am 6 foot tall and I’m am wondering if I would fit ok in his kart because we have already bought the kit and I hadn’t really looked over the plans. So would I fit ok in this kart. Thanks

    1. yeah you will fit, but if you want extra legroom, you can add 6″ and extend the steering wheel a bit, you might need to extend the steering hoop a littl ebit. Also, you may need to make it a few inches wider. Just depends on what you want to do. Im 6’3″ and rode the kart with no issues, just cant have two peopl ethat are 6’3″ on it at the same time haha.

  24. Thanks, Kartfab! My Dad and I completed the go kart a few months ago. We used your free plans and were planning on using the centrifugal clutch one wheel drive setup but decided to put a torque converter and a live axle on the original frame. We did not originally buy the go kart parts kit; we just bought the parts separately and found a few from some friends. Instead of using 1″ square tube, we got 1″ angle iron from a friend and welded it together to make square tube. Thanks for the free plans and I’m sure the frame will last forever.

  25. Sorry I’m confused, does the kit come with the bolts and nuts and washers you need?… or do you have to go out and by them at a store? Please help!!

  26. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could provide the program which you used to 3d render the kart, and the link to the rendering itself.

      1. How long does the free shipping take to get to Portland Oregon? Want to place order in time for Christmas.

  27. Hi good day
    I am from Colombia I would like to know if you sell, make requests for those who are interested in buying a go cart, I want to buy one and if that is how it is, how much it is worth
    stay tuned thanks

  28. Hi I am a freshman and would like to build this kart over the winter. Since I am younger my money is a little tight. About what was the over all cost with everything. I would love to build just need a starting point.

    1. if you look at the go kart kit (link towards top of page), that’s the price of it, then steel costs whatever you pay for it locally. That’s it.

  29. i want to do this project with my kid but don’t want to the metal fab? Anyway to get the frame assembly complete? Just wondering.

  30. Quick question as I’m wanting to make sure roll cage is strong enough (adding seat belts too, I know you need to do both, can’t do just one).
    Can you tell me the weight of the kart once the 6.5hp predator is added?
    Also, know of any good places to go to do the math on something like this?

    1. Roll cages are made of 14 gauge 1″ tubing, so make a hoop above the back rest, and connect the cage to it. Please see a manco dingo roll cage for ideas. Weight is unknown. The frame if made of 11 ga steel is very heavy, and you can actually get away with 14 ga steel and 11 ga steel front axle to lighten it up a bit.

          1. Completely love this answer. Classical. I am very impressed with the design. I am using sketch up to draw prints of my own. I want to say thank you for spreading the enjoyment of karting to all who seek it. Not to often someone gives without expecting. Way to go man!!

  31. Hi KartFab for the drum brake I saw that you used a rod to hook it up to the pedal. I was wondering if I can just use a throttle cable to hook it up.

  32. Hi KartFab what would you recommend for driving on the road (no off roading) would you suggest a live axle or fixed axle?

  33. Dear KartFab sorry about asking so many questions but I have another one. For the live axle instead of using hangers would pillow block bearings work too?

      1. Dear KartFab I was planning on building a go kart from scratch because at GoPowerSports at there website they give different chain lengths.Also how long would you recommend the chain length to be?

  34. Thanks for plans. It’s AWESOME!!! I’m going to build it later. Maybe I will delete some parts, but construction is AWESOME!!!

  35. hello! my name is Thoufiq, I saw your videos very useful for my project….good job,
    i need to buy Engine of tat gokart, please give me the reference and which store ?

  36. Is there any way we can get the actual CAD file of the live axle version. I have purchased your plans and hope to be able to add a roll bar. Cheers

    1. conor, thanks for the question, however, i have had some issues with people copying the plans and selling them; as such, nobody gets any files but the PDF. If you want to do a roll cage, great! But sorry I cannot and will not release any digital version other than the PDF. thanks for understanding.

  37. I’m building from your live axle plans but, want to widen the frame from 21″ to 26″; will my plans still fit the rear axle and tires? I know I’ll have to accommodate the front suspension and seat brackets too but, my main concern is making sure that the rear fits. Thanks in advance.

    1. That will not work unless you make the kart wider just in the middle (which will cause a safety hazard as you shift the center of gravity dramatically), or if you use a longer axle. If I remember correctly, with the 18″ tires properly inflated, there wasn’t much room left between the frame and the widest part of the tire, I want to say 1″ – 1.5″ – Have a look at the drawings – they are to scale and completely accurate, so you can judge just how much room you have there, or just look at the videos and pictures I posted on my live axle plans page to get an idea of about how much more room you would need (id say if you got an axle 4″ longer than the one that comes in the kit, you would be good).

    1. Hello i am french, i am really interested in the concept. The big problem is that I do not understand the rating plans. Would it be possible to have it even plan metric quotation in mini meter thanks in advance.

      1. plans are in imperial because most people that get the plans are in the usa. 1’2″ is 1 foot, 2 inches, and you can use google to convert it to metric e.g. search “1’2″ in mm”

  38. Can your designs be modified to suit a smaller class engine/driver? Want to build a kids cage kart to try to get my children into racing by age 7 or 8. Or will a larger restrictor plate be easier?

    1. Yeah, the motor mount is more of a universal one so you can slap a small engine on it./ The only thing I would be worried about here is the axle sprocket. You may wish to get a different size one, or one with split sprockets on it more towards racing. IF you did that you would need to get a 1″ hub for split sprockets to easily swap them out on the fly.

  39. Dear KartFab,

    Been eyeing your plans for quite a while (6 months). I don’t want to build the go kart to exactly how it is shown, but with a few adjustments. I want to make a longer frame with the engine in the front of the kart having an exhaust and drive chain line lead to the back because I want to turn the back into storage (little carry-ons, backpacks). I’m going to do the free plans then modify it (live axle, 18 HP engine- TOWING!!!, and of course a longer frame for the engine). I noticed you are using a CAD Program. What program are you using? Do you have a 3D Model download for the free plans? I can then modify it to how I want to build it. Thanks,


    Keep up the good work!

      1. Dear KartFab,

        Thank you for telling me. The build hasn’t been started yet but I’m still gathering info and help.



  40. Looking at your guys’ video I’m pretty certain you guys used the same motor I have on my minibike me and my father built a few weeks back, I’m gonna have to build this sooner or later thanks for the plans!

    1. 4’10” is four feet ten inches there are 12 inches in a foot. Also, you can convert inches, feet, and any combination of inches and feet to metric by simpling searching in google something like -> what is 4’10” in cm?

  41. hey Kartfab im trying to build a go kart but i dont have the money for the engine which cheao engine would you recomend thats semi automatic.

      1. Without wanting to bother you Can translate the plans to the portuguese is why I am from Brazil and I do not know anything of English favor and I can not translate into my language

  42. Hello, i am building a gokart in a school project right now and i am totally going to use this. So i have a question, do you have any calculations on something like the power or how big the axels needs to be in order to not fall out. We have to do calculations like that too.

    1. Mathias, I cannot do your homework for you. Thanks for asking though. However, I can tell you where to find materials for your calculations. Engine gives you torque, power (hp), rpms – look up the engine’s users manual or specifications for that. Torque converter alters gear ratio, and you use that to multiply against the static gear ratio to determine top speed, and torque at wheel assuming a 20% power loss through the torque converter. Jackshaft and axle sprocket determine your static gear ratio, but the torque converter changes it based on load. So you have been given plenty of information with this, now you have to use your brain and what you are learning in school to figure out the rest.

  43. First of all, this website is really helpful and excellently done. Thanks!
    Have you heard of anyone taking your plans and adding a tiny bit of width to the frame? Can you think of any issues with doing that?

  44. Hey Kartfab,

    I posted in about as well. I purchased the deluxe plans back earlier this year but switched computers and don’t have the pdf. I have the purchase email, but the links no longer work. Was hoping I could get another email.


      1. I’m interested in buying one. How small is it? Can an adult fit in it? Can you give me the dimensions? I presume since it is basic it is a fixed axle, if I wanted to modify it to a live axle at some point in the future is that possible (assuming some welding/frame modification would be required to the rear frame)? Can you send me an email with how to contact you? Thank you.

        1. Tim. Sorry, I will not be able to answer any more questions until it is available. Its live axle though, and small. I do not use email to avoid spam and massive amounts of email. You can use this or contact me on any of my social media profiles. I check them 2-3x a month due to the massive amounts of comments and my busy schedule.

  45. Just a reminder, I’m still interested in a quote for a complete bolt together go kart kit when you have a minute. My zip code is 95864. Thanks

      1. I’m interested in buying one. Do you have pictures of what it looks like? Is it similar in design to the ones in your plans but with a single seat? Can you give me the dimensions, Length and width? I presume since it is basic it is a fixed axle, if I wanted to modify it to a live axle at some point in the future is that possible (assuming some welding/frame modification would be required to the rear frame)? What engine and clutch do you recommend for the kart? I was thinking of getting the Predator 212cc from Harbor Freight and Tools? Can you send me an email with how to contact you? Thank you.

      2. I’m interested in buying one. How small is it? Can an adult fit in it? Can you give me the dimensions? I presume since it is basic it is a fixed axle, if I wanted to modify it to a live axle at some point in the future is that possible (assuming some welding/frame modification would be required to the rear frame)? Can you send me an email with how to contact you? Thank you.

  46. Hello, I have a go kart frame similar to yours, in one of your videos I notice you live in lewisville that’s cool I live in mansfield. Well I’m trying to build a kart just like yours my question is can I run the wide slick type tires I’m going for the lower stance and racer look. The go power sports sells the bigger Tire like what you have. I’m just trying to get info cause it’s my first build. Thanks,
    Gus Duran

  47. Hi kartfab, im thinking of building the standard live axle gokart from your website but i dont want the predator 212cc engine. Would a piranha 140cc fit on the chasis of the kart? If it did would you have to modify the engine mount to fit the piranha 140cc?

  48. Hi,

    One question…it is possible to send kits to LATAM countries, I I mean exactly Colombia?

    Chasis is easy to built here and motor easy to buy, but KITS will save a lot of time in the project. Otherwise could be a not end project.

    I want to use a GO Kart project to learn project management in my Blog – but if I cannot buy kit parts it could be impossible to finish this project.

    Obviously I have the intention of buy plans and have acceso to all the information available.


    Hernando Bolaños, PMP

    1. Hernando, the kit can be shipped via FedEx international Rates. Just go through the checkout process and click estimate shipping. If it ships there, it will estimate your shipping. Kits have been sent all over the world.

  49. Hey so at my school they have a software called Inventor and that sure as heck looks like what you used to make the design for the cart… is there any possible way i could get a hold of the file.. im using this as a school project for metal fab and it would make it so much easier for me if i could print out multiple different views!

  50. Dear kart fab, Ok so im 6 ft 150 lbs and only 13 so im still growing how large would you have to be to be too big with a friend or dad in there.

    1. im 6’3″ and 230 lbs and i fit in it with my teenage nephew so no problem there, just a little cozy and the passenger puts his left arm around the seat back for extra security.

  51. Hi…great page you have here. I have a question. I’m interested in buying a kart for my 10 year old son…and maybe a hot lap on it for myself too. I found one that looks good but it has a Honda GC 190 engine. I haven’t looked at it in person yet but by the pics it looks as if the exhaust is facing forward toward the driver. My question is, is the engine a good cart engine? I read they have cam problems and can something be done about the exhaust? Aftermarket pipe? Thanks for any info….

    1. Dave, the GC engine is pretty good. I beleive it is a step down from the GX engines (the main difference being a cast iron sleeve in the GX series makes it last much longer), so the engine may not last super long. However, if you go to harbor freight tools, you can pick up a predator 212cc engine for $99. Most of us go karters use this as a direct replacement. If the GC engine works, you should be good to go though. Not sure about exhaust, but if you know someone that welds, it would be easy to custom fab something up.

  52. Hello , I’m looking for a favor parts showing me building design and montage has left me a bit difficult and this interested in buying your kit but I live in Colombia and I need those urgent parties would arrive How long ?, and if the kit he can remove the chair.

    please respond urgent.

    Thank you

  53. this is a sweet go kart and it’s pretty awesome going on, i was wondering if you could build me that orange go kart you had and tell me how much money you would charge.
    please try and give me a good deal I know how muck that kart worth and it will be great if we have a deal of less than 800 but we could always work something out you know, Im really desperate in finding a go kart, and also if you are in America i couldn’t do it for 800 because Im from Canada and it would be very expensive for me. But anyways please reply back and have a great day.

  54. Wow So it looks like you know your stuff.

    Anyway I am writing to ask some advice.
    I have some parts from ol go cart and as I’m getting up in years and short on walk, I want to build a mobility cart for myself. As I am a fan of the 2 wheel front steering and single rear wheel power design. What I have is a couple axles / sprockets, 6 wheels. What I have in mind is what I call a chainsaw design were I will build the cart with the steering up frunt and a muli ( 4 wheels ) chain driven dual powered rear axle. with some sort of electric motor, batteries. As I am around 300lbs. it will have to be beefy. Any ideas will be welcome.

  55. What type of motor are you using in this cart? And with all the weight in the back are there any weight issues?

  56. Hey I’m interested in purchasing the deluxe kit with the 20$ plans but I’m wondering if the frame is comfortable for two adults ( leg room .. etc ) or if it would be wiser to modify it to be wider and longer . Thanks !

    1. You can modify by widening by a few inches at the seat and lengthening by 6 inches. This would require a different bench seat that you can request for a little more $$.

  57. hey- that’s a great job ,,am interested in doing such work but the materials is d little challenge that am having now.–but i must say that i love your work ,it’s so cute

  58. hello ! great job ! just one question ! i want your kart but with more speed like 50 mph! is it possible with yours plans ? th a lot!

  59. I’m gonna start this kart soon. But I was wondering if the frame can withstand a kx100 2 stroke motorcycle engine. I’ve had this thing layin around for years and want to put it to good use. I’ve already “pre” designed a clutch setup but want to use your kart design.

    1. yeah, just make it live axle if you are putting that engine on there. Frame is pretty solid, but you will be doing burnouts with just one wheel drive. Those engines are made for race karts, so a racing clutch is probably your best bet (bully, or cheetah are good ones).

  60. Hi, great website and great info. I built one other Kart that Northern Tool sold plans for 18 years ago. The fever has hit me again so that’s what brought me here. On the Deluxe model, do you have roll bar plans? I’m a decent fabricator and I’m sure I could figure it out but thought it worth asking.

    Also, do you have customer provided photos of their builds that you can share?

    1. Deluxe model can have roll bars on it; however, I did not make plans for the roll bar. Look up manco dingo, and then copy the roll bar style. You can make the roll bar out of 1″ 14 ga tubing, and crossmembers out of 3/4″.

      All customer provided photos are kind of scattered throughout my social media. Facebook has a few of them up there, as well as the deluxe axle plan webpage. A customer build the deluxe version and made a video of it so I posted it there.

  61. Hey KartFab I’m looking to design my own karts and drift trikes. So I was wondering if your could let me know what CAD software you use.

  62. Hey,

    Have you ever thought of adding a forum section to this site? A place customers can go to run some modifications / changes from your plans by each other?
    Also a place to share our builds and pictures of it to show how we are doing.
    It could also serve as a place to help with potential repairs and or just specific help to an exact question?
    I just thought it’d be cool to see have an area to share information and pictures for nothing more than showing up how the builds come out.

    I realize you are great at answering our questions and explaining things, I just thought some added resource to that would be cool.

    Just an idea


  63. I purchased the Deluxe plans and have purchased all of the steel except 1 piece.

    The local steel yard does not have the 18″ 3/4 11 gauge round tube in stock, and they wanted way too much money for me to have them order such a small piece. I’ve been looking for a cost effective piece and have had no luck.

    Would it be acceptable to use 16 gauge instead of 11 gauge? I realize this is half as thick and wasn’t sure if it provided enough strength for the steering shaft?

    Thank you.


    1. What about 14 gauge? that might be a little better. At any rate, you can use anything circular as long as it fits in the hole for the lower bracket (welded to front axle) and upper bracket (welded to steering hoop). You could even do 1″ tubing and use some pipe with a similar ID to the OD of the tubing.

      1. Yeah, I thought about that. However, with one time access to a waterjet I was able to cut all of the brackets using that. So the bracket is already cut to just over 0.75. I could open up the hole and use different spacers. Probably my best option as I do have .8125 OD 11 gauge round tube.

        That also changes the steering wheel mount right? I assume the 2.5″ washer has a 3/4″ thru hole on center?

  64. Am I supposed to buy the engine add on to the kit? if not where do I buy the engine? and what engine do I buy?

    1. What is the best method to make the Predator engine quiet? Wow, some of the comments on here are ignorant. Thanks, Jeff, 44

      1. Keep the stock muffler on it 🙂 for real, the predator is pretty quiet with that muffler. I have seen people weld an automobile or even ATV muffler on, and that would be great. Any ‘performance’ muffler is going to allow flow and be loud (not as loud as an open pipe, but still pretty stinkin’ loud – and yes that is a purely scientific approach to measuring loudness – open pipe=deafening, performance RLV muffler= pretty stinkin loud, stock muffler= not that loud.

  65. How do you receive the drawings, do they come in the mail, or do they download? What do you need all the billing info for?……can we not just pay with credit card?

    1. all you need for live axle plans is to pay with credit card or paypal (its all done securely through paypal). They come as two separate pdf downloads that you receive in your email as a link that only you can use. Download them and save them to your computer or device and you have got them forever.

      1. hi i live in the uk and they don’t sell metal in imperial length or size what should i do also i can’t ship the kit from go power sports because it is so expensive to ship
        Thanks Jamie

    2. Yes you can pay with a credit card. The billing information is required for all online credit card purchases, make sure the billing address you submit matches the card. It’s also needed to assess if taxes should be applied to the order or not.

      The plans are in electronic PDF form, once the purchase is made an e-mail is sent that allows you to download and save these prints to your computer, tablet, phone or any other device that can read PDF format and has accesss to the internet.

      You are also given exclusive rights to a private section of the website that provides a lot more help in terms of this fabrication.

      I don’t work for them, I myself just purchased the plans last week and have already started acquiring all of the parts for the build.

  66. My friends and I are trying this build but want to make some adjustments, for example modifying the seat for one person but adding the passenger to another seat attached to the back. Would I need a stronger engine, and add weight to the fronet of the kart?

    1. The price is in the link to the deluxe kit. Plans are $20. Steel and hardware should run you $150, engine $100, then whatever else for the parts kit.

  67. Thanks for sharing your plans!
    From South Africa and what cant be bought over counter can be fabricated thanks to your easy build!

  68. Frank, please save the plans to your computer. I resent the purchase receipt, which refreshes your download so you should be fine. Please let me know if you run into this problem again.

  69. Hey! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to upload the original CAD document so that I could take a look at the design properly and adjust any dimensions to the metric scale? It would be HUGELY appreciated thanks!

  70. contemplating a build with my grandson Christian. new to this but reasonably handy. your site with great tutorials have made me build an attitude of ” We can do ” so thank you very much.

  71. if I do the 20 dollar live axle kit do I need to add a torque converter and if so how do I install the torque converter and could you provide me a link for the recommended welder

      1. yea, the live axle kit comes with options to put a torque converter on it so just get the deluxe kit and be done with it as it includes a torque converter.

    1. Sure, I will add it to the “go kart materials” page but any 90 amp flux core welder will work. If you want a quality welder, you can get a miller or lincoln or hobart.

  72. Your Karts are sick by the way. I really want to build your live axle deluxe go kart, but I saw in your video that you need to hold onto the frame when turning. How should I prevent this, a seat belt, or a divider? And could I make it out of aluminium to make the cart lighter and faster?

    1. You don’t need to hold onto the frame when turning, unless you are driving like a crazy person and drifting around. If you plan on driving with a passenger (like a crazy person), the passenger would need to hold on for dear life, and that is why the side guards are there. This is a go kart, not a car, or a mini buggy. You could change up the way you attach the seat and install a fiberglass racing go kart seat to avoid sliding off if you plan to drive like you stole it, but its kind of overkill. Aluminum is lighter, but it wont make it faster. Aluminum requires special welding equipment and WILL bend/dent and is not structurally safe (in my opinion) for any sort of go kart build.

  73. will this hold up with a 18 hp briggs and Stratton twin cylinder engine? I had I on a bigger cart and it went around 60mph… just wantin to know if this frame and design will hold the power…

    1. No, the free plans will not accommodate anything above 6.5 hp… but my deluxe live axle plans will. You will likely need to lengthen the frame by a few inches though to accommodate the bigger engine so you dont have to slide the seat so far forward to avoid having the engine hit the seat. The place that sells the kits sells a bolt on 40 series torque converter too if you dont already have one. You might need to call them and place your order over the phone so they will not give you the 30 series torque converter, instead the 40 series with back plate. The existing motor mount on the deluxe kit will also fit the v-twins with no modifications.

      1. How much weight will this kart support? I want to build one for my brother and myself, but we are quite large and I am not sure if we would both be able to use it at once

        1. modify the plans, make it wider and a few inches longer. Call go power sports and ask for their larger bench seat. Get the live axle go kart kit.

  74. Hey I am Kayaan I’m frm India and I don’t think we get go cart kits here so what is ur advice . I have a person who can weld but I’m not sure what to do.. I am making one soon and it’s really given me the Basic idea. I have all the parts jst what about the go cart kit . Like what should I use as a substitute

    1. parts can be shipped internationally, check shipping rate upon checkout. I don’t live in India, so i cant tell you where to get parts in India. Good luck!

    1. I don’t sell the go kart kits, but I link to them, just select the kit and it will give you the option to upgrade to whichever engine is compatible. Its all within the website on the link.

    1. yeah, but you would need to improvise a bit on the steering placement. If it were me, i would just buy some 3/8″ fine threaded rod (about 36″ is fine) for the tie rod replacements, then make sure you add a little extra tubing for the steering hoop to weld to. Your on your own for specifics, but if you are good at fabrication, you will be able to roll with this.

  75. Can an 6 foot adult ride comfortable in the go kart? If not, how much longer should the go kart be? Thanks for your time.

    1. im 6’3″ and I ride in it alright. It is never really ‘comfortable’ to ride it a go kart. Most people ride with bent knees and whatnot. Even the way that the seat is set up is drastically different than the way a car is set up. There is 4″ of play in the seat slider. You may be able to get away with moving the dead axle rearward by a few inches, and moving the seat slider bracket back a few inches. You will also have a gap in the floor pan then, so it might be best to lengthen the floor pan as well. I dont think you will need to stretch the frame, just move the axle, seat slider brackets, engine mount, and side rails back all the same amount. There is extra room on the back of the frame so overall length will not need to be changed. All of these changes are at your own risk and up to you to figure out as they aren’t according to my original plans. Hope that helps!

  76. I have one quick question… how much do all the parts cost, like what would be the total cost to construct one of these really cool go- karts?

  77. Hey guys your cart rocks ….I’m planning to build one very soon. I’m from India …I’m planning to build this cart with a right hand drive so need some suggestions and tips on this. Thank you !

    1. All you really need to do is take the measurements from the left side and use them on the right side. Also, exact same tie rods are used, but just on opposite ends.

  78. So my 16 yr old son comes to me and says…Mom I wanna build my own Go Kart. Thats all I want for Christmas this year is money to buy the parts. Well I hate Christmas with no presents to open. So I decided to do some research and found you. And lucky for me I see my son has posted asking total cost so I think I chose the right site. 😉 Anyways, I bought the items on the list and he will have lots of pieces and parts to open. Thank you for inspiring my son. He is a boyscout and has built lots of things so I have alot of faith in him to accomplish this.

  79. Hey U;)

    I’m from Germany, live in a little City near Colonge/Bonn (if u know it^^), so I’m sorry for my whore english!^^

    I wanna built this funny Kart!

    …but my question is, for the brake in the rear have u take only one Brakedisc!? And what is the difference from a live-axle to a dead-axle (english to German, i can’t image that^^)

    In the past i drove semi-professional Kartraces with Sebastian Vettel (u know him seriously from the F1)…nice to know 4 u!;)

    If i start the built i wanna send the whole Project in Pics with the Status(perhaps i have some questions the on top)…can we make that i contact privatly for this!?


    1. Dennis,
      the free go kart plans only require a brake band and brake drum. It is only driven with power to one wheel, and the passenger side wheel is not powered (dead axle). The live axle, is simply a solid axle that transfers power to both the rear wheels. Dead axle= 1 wheel drive, live axle= 2 wheel drive. The best thing to do is do the whole project on a forum if you are wanting to show pictures and status updates. The best place is DIYGoKarts (just search google). I am on the forum there and many people can help.

  80. Great web site and much appreciated.
    I just bought the parts for the fixed axle kit (plus a welder, grinder, etc. ). No experience. Dad and two kids. Wish us luck!

    Am going to start with a 3 HP engine.


  81. I’ve been looking for a layout of all the small pieces like tabs ,and eyelets, pitman arm, ext.. do you have that. I see it all lay out on the how to cut metal page but can’t find a download.

    1. You can click on the picture and save or print it. It’s just an example of how to cut it all out. All measurements are in the plans themselves and won’t take hardly any time to look up.

      1. Im gonna build this gokart soon but i want it to go faster than 20km per hour i want an engine to go to 50km an hour what engine do you suggest

  82. Would it be difficult to put a life axle on this go kart I want to build this with my nephew when I go visit him in South America the road are mostly gravel and dirt where he lives so a life axle would be better

    1. it would not be difficult to have live axle on the go kart. I will release live axle plans October 1st. Having a live axle on the go kart will raise up the rear, so the frame needs to be redone from the free plans. Ill be charging $20 for the live axle plans.

  83. Canadian here… all the way from Saskatchewan. Great site. Thanks so much. Just learned to weld and this is my first big project. Basic frame is done. Waiting for parts to arrive. Father of four and it been my dream to build something like this. Cheers.

          1. I think he meant the total price to build it. Also, that is pretty sick! I might just need to make one myself. Also, what is the total cost for all the materials?

          2. Will be less than $850 after every last thing is paid for. Will be less than that amount. so parts are like what $500, steel $150, hardware 20-30$ and the rest is just random expenses for paint and welding wire and whatever else.

  84. So it says “from scratch” but i cant find dimensions for the motor mount.. i have everything to build one can you help?

    1. If you have everything to build this kart, then im assuming you got the parts kit for the go kart? If not, then you will be SOL in a lot of places. Here is the motor mount itself http://www.gopowersports.com/engine-mount-1/#_a_KartFab which has a mounting pattern of 6 1/2″ x 3″ for the holes (standard for all industrial 4 stroke engines between 2.5 and 7 hp). Hope that helps! If you decided to not get the part you can use those dimensions and put a lip on the mount of about 1/2″ to 3/4″ so it will clear the drive wheel. Sometimes its just better to get a prefabricated part than to mess with making one. The lip is essential for structural integrity and spacing. The plate is 1/8″ thick. Does that give you enough information?

      1. Yep thank you much..just needed dimensions..have tools and a metal shop to fabricate the parts..gonna be a awesome kart

  85. Hi,
    I plan to make it as project but with decent speed, economical and portable.
    Any advice appreciated.

    1. All advice is in the clickable links to each page i made, as well as the downloadable plans. I’ll answer any specific question that you may have. The question you asked seems too general. The kart goes 25 mph, its the most economical one you can build. Just gotta pony up and build it now right?

    1. I don’t sell frames, just the plans to build the whole kart and give you links to the parts kit that I used for the build. Makes it a lot easier when you are given all the info you need to make your own go kart. I don’t build karts for sale, just share information that I have gained over the years so you can make your own from scratch.

  86. can i get a clear detailed information about your steering and breaking mechanism…….what if i use a rack and pinion steering

    1. I have already released a steering page http://kartfab.com/go-kart-plans/go-kart-steering, just go back to the go kart plans page and scroll down until you get to the steering link and click on it. Braking is being written next. Rack and pinion is up to you, and you are completely on your own to do that. Its a cool idea though, but you are going into uncharted territory there.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Maybe you could use that as motivation to get small jobs and earn money over time. You can do it! I had to earn upwards of $600 on my own when I was 12 to get a Nintendo 64 and a bunch of games. It was worth the effort and sweat doing extra chores and jobs.

  87. (Continuation comment)

    My name is angel and I’m 11 and my sister is 6, our father is willing to pay if you decided to sell it because we are all interested . I would appreciate it if you replied.

  88. Hi im Mitch I’m 14 a I plan to build this kart but put a 125 cc instead and I just want to say thank you and the kart looks awesome.

    1. No problem Mitch! Most 125cc engines I have seen are shifter/dirt bike engines. These have a lot of power and rev much higher (this means the kart will accelerate much faster, and have a much much higher top speed). This is incredibly unsafe and I do not recommend, nor condone it. This kart is a go kart that’s good the way it was designed, for a small 4-7 hp industrial engine.

      If you do end up putting a 125cc dirt bike style engine on it, you do it at your own risk. But if you do, you should at least consider putting a live axle on it and re-gearing it so you will go slower, and not flip it at a higher speed. Again, I do not advise putting a dirt bike engine on this kart, just a simple engine you can get at harbor freight, or off any power equipment like a briggs and stratton, honda, predator, or subaru industrial 4 stroke engine that revs up to 3600 RPM and has a 3/4″ shaft. I hope that helps. Trust me on this one. I have thought about it before, and this kart is not designed to go 60 mph and I don’t want you to take that risk. 25 mph is fast enough for this kart.

    1. Awesome! I enjoyed making this kart and I know you will too. Can’t beat making those memories.

    1. These plans are currently for a one wheel drive kart. In the future I plan on making live axle plans. It’s a pretty simple change though if you wanted to do a live axle. You would just weld on bearing hangars instead of the dead axle, then install an live axle kit.

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