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Honda GX390 Black and Orange, KartFabHi! I’m the founder of KartFab.com. I’m here to share my knowledge of go karts. I produce sick videos of my go kart builds, restorations, and go kart maintenance tips and tricks. I also post extra pictures and inside stuff only on my social media so go ahead and follow me above.

As a child I always wanted a go kart, so my dad helped me build a wooden one from scratch! I never was able to put an engine on it (wood and engines really aren’t meant for each other). I then acquired an old ‘Tote-Gote’ mini bike and drove it until the bearings failed.

Abrasive Cut Off SAwFast forward a few decades, with the added professional experience in welding and fabrication, I built up my own hobby flipping go karts (or obsession as my wife puts it). I purchase used go karts and mini bikes, fix them up, let my kids ride them for a while, then sell them. Its always fun to peruse Craigslist in search of my next project. A few more years went by, then the hobby turned into something more.

dual engine go kartI joined DIYGoKarts.com, a forum where like minded go kart people are able to support the addiction by making some wheeled craziness, (e.g. bar-stool racers, mini-jeeps, minibikes, dual engine karts) or just answer questions about general maintenance and repair of a go kart.

go kart wheelieI have contributed to the madness there almost daily, and made a modified Manco Dingo kart that I like to call MIDAS. It has a touch of gold, polished diamond plate, and an engine that is 3 times larger than the original. This thing pops wheelies like nobody’s business and its FAST. Its not safe, but it sure is fun!

building a go kart frame from scratchRight now, I’m cooking up my next go kart video, maintenance tip, and have written up free go kart plans. Subscribe to me on YouTube (below) for some entertaining go kart videos, and follow me on your social media of choice for behind the scenes content of my next project.

Thanks for visiting kartfab.com! If you want to help contribute to this website, and my build projects, you can become one of my build supporters. Click the donation option that you want, then click subscribe to keep my youtube, go kart builds, and website updates coming!


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217 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have built a version of your deluxe model which has gone through some major mods over the last couple of years. The latest version has a reinforced chasis and a 13HP Honda copy 4 stroke. Goes well.
    I am planning to build another but this time powered by 48V brushless motor, probably 1800W.
    Have you built an electric version?
    If yes, what size motor did you use?

  2. Dear sirs!
    I have already received the pdf of plans.
    I would like to inform me which dimension can use between
    1) 25*25*2mm
    2) 30*30*3 mm
    In my country i can’t find square tubing in inches.
    Thanks in advance
    Meery Christmas

  3. I purchased your deluxe plans! Curious what length axle is it designed around? About to place order for parts dont want to get the stuff.


  4. Hey Mr Kartfab

    My boys (12 & 10) & I just finished your kart as our lockdown project. I’m in Sydney Australia. I got the steel locally, but shipped in the kit parts in one go as that proved to be easier than trying to chase stuff locally. I couldn’t get a Predator motor here, but souced a very similar ‘clone’.

    We had a great time building it, and she’s a beaut. I’ll send you some pictures if you ‘mail me back. They wanted one of these new acrylic colour-shifting paint jobs. It looks great in it’s blue, green & purple – but it won’t be as long-lasting as your enamel.

    Thanks for your efforts and generosity.

  5. Hi, I am looking for just the front spindles for my go kart, I purchased some from amazon but they were too small. The C clamps are already welded to my go kart i just need the insert to be 4.5 inches so i can drop a bolt from the top and secure it. Do you make custom spindles? Please let me know.

  6. We have a vintage tin lizzy model t that we want to restore. Do you do restoration of those kinds of go carts?

  7. Hey Grant, I discovered your great work via Bob’s Karts forum and the GX390 stroker build. I’m doing a lower $ GX390 stroker build. I’ve moved the Honda head over to a 460cc build, and am using the clone head on the GX390. Good news – I’m using stock length valves. Bad news – the 35# single spring is binding! You’ve had to build up a valve spring seat. How would you cut one down? There doesn’t seem to be a 1” OD cutter out there. Thoughts?

  8. i have a custom fabricated yerf dog i picked up. it is extra wide and i am looking for a 54 to 60 inch live axle. would you be able to make one?

  9. Hello

    Do you sell all the parts in pieces , so that you can just build it yourself , meaning you can ship everything , and we can just do the welding and assemble it

    What will the cost be ,

  10. Hey,

    Do you have any plans to purchase with electric motors instead of gasoline motors?


      1. Thanks very much for the dead axle kart plans. You did a terrific job with them.
        I am about to order the kit and saw that there is a change to the seat adjuster and mounting requirements.
        Do you have a print update for the size and locations for the mounting brackets to be welded to the base frame?
        Thanks very much!!

  11. hello,

    i am new to the world of go-karts and quads. and new i am talking about just starting messing with them myself, as i used to take them to get fixed by other people.

    so i have a yerf dog with a predator 212cc. to my understanding i got a few modifications done to the engine like the governor removed, pz27 carb, changed to a bigger gas tank, changed air filter and the throttle levers were removed because the throttle is going directly to the carburetor. oh yeah we also had a fuel pump installed.

    so onto the problem, we have been riding with it mainly in the dirt/off-roads. so just recently, about a week or no more than two, while riding at full throttle it started to bog down and shut down after a while. i had to pull it the rest of the way home because it would not turn on. it had gas in the tank. after we got home and trying to start it again it fired right up and did not seem to have any problems. i thought the problem was the carb, so i went ahead and ordered another carb.

    well this is what i have done so far, changed oil, spark plug, carb and air filter. just took it back out and after running it at full speed it started bogging down again and would not accelerate and eventually turned off. after a few times of making it turn on it would not turn on anymore. once again after it sat for a bit it fired right back up but we did not take it back out.

    would you be able to tell me what the issue is or i can send you pics of the kart and engine, so you could maybe have a better idea on what it could be?

    i can also see if i can take a video of it once it starts bogging down. i am not sure if it needs to be jetted to a different size but the problem started even before i installed a new carb.

    now, a brief history of how it all started, so ever since we got the kart with the upgrades the carb would leak all sorts of gas from the small breather next to the choke lever on the pz27 carb. it kept doing that for so long that from the five gallon tank we had installed it would leak at least three gallons in about an hour or hour and a half of riding in the desert. but the kart would never bog down or turn off under any circumstance.

    eventually i got around to looking at what the issue could be and came to find out that the floats could be the problem. i opened up the carb and messed with the floats and after installing everything back we went riding and it did not leak any gas from that breather. however, on our ride back home that is when it first started bogging down while going full throttle. it seemed like we were running out of gas but when it finally would not run anymore and turned off i checked it and it had gas but it could not get it to turn back on. i move the lever to choke, the middle section and run and it would not turn on. that is when i pulled it home and after a while that we got home i went and after the first pull it turned on easily and stayed on.

    hope i did not bore you or at least made some kind of sense because i really need some help. thank you

  12. Hello Grant! My name is David and I’m a new subscriber! I have been working on an old G – 196 Hang Ty Mini Bike. I’m looking at the Predator 212cc, but I need some help.

    My mini has a fake tank so I will need a side fill gas tank for the Predator engine – are those easy to find.

    Is there a specific jackshaft plate that I need for the Predator?

    I have seen people using a torque converter set up instead of the clutch chain and gear set up? Should I even bother with a torque set up.

    Do you know anywhere where I can buy the complete parts list for the Predator jackshaft, proper bolts, clutch, chain, gear set up all in one kit.

    And does the 12T gear for the clutch versus the 10T make any difference.

    Anything I missed.

    Appreciate your help.


  13. How tall of a person will fit in the go kart from the free plans? I would like to ride in it with my son.

  14. Hey KartFab,

    We’ve been enjoying the go kart for over a year now here in Oregon–my kids love it. Now they want to build some mini bikes, and I’m wondering if you have a recommendation for a decent tube bender that doesn’t cost a million dollars (or a great technique that doesn’t require one). We’re going to use some 7/8 inch maybe 14 or 13 gauge. I’d appreciate if you have any suggestions. And thanks again for the great plans and support.


  15. Hey, do you have any sites which would send out a parts kit to Canada? Preferably one which utilizes your schematic for the free plans your provide?

    1. Yes sir. The link to the kits will send you to the site where you can purchase the kit, and they confirmed that they do ship to Canada. They make multiple shipments per week to Canada. You can check out the exact go kart parts kit here https://kartfab.com/go-kart-plans just scroll down to the “buy go kart fixed axle kit here” section. That is the one you are looking for.

  16. Hello,

    I hope this message finds you well. I came across your videos on YouTube and could not find any contact info on your page. Please contact me about a potential opportunity to share your racing footage on a television show.

    Thank you!

      1. We’re creating a package to highlight the culture of mini bikes in an automotive show. We’d love to feature some of the content we came across on your YouTube page. Please contact my supervisor in the corresponding email if you’re interested. Thank you!

  17. Hello I just recently bought a used Big thunder go Kart, at least I believe it’s a Big Thunder Go Kart. The person painted over the entire frame, so no real way to identify it. Anyway trying to get parts to make it run can you help?

    Need to know what parts it took. Torque converter? , and how throttle cable connects?

    1. Chris, good news. Even though the company is out of business (and has been for a long time) these go karts use generic parts (1″ axle, bearings etc). If you look at my how to build a go kart page here https://kartfab.com/go-kart-plans you can scroll over to the throttle cable section and see exactly how it should be hooked up. Thunderkarts traditionally used 20 series torque converters. You will have to check the diameter of the driven unit, as well as see if it is asymmetrical (20 series) or symmetrical sheaves (30 series). Google “comet torque converter identification guide”. If you look in my deluxe live axle kit here https://kartfab.com/live-axle-go-kart-plans you will see most of the parts used on almost all american made go karts.

    2. Ok now I have a bent axel. Need to cut it out and replace it parts are rusted on. Anyway do I need a flex proof axel? What’s the difference?

  18. Do you know of any high horsepower (15+) f-n-r transmissions available? I’ve heard about the comet fnr but I can’t find it for sale anywhere. I’ve also heard about people using Polaris transmissions. Is that the best option?

  19. Hello KartFab. Just bought the plans. Thank you for this work you have done. It makes starting so much easier. It looks like you have quite a bit of your design in CAD of some sort. Do you by chance have a AutoCAD file of the plate cut parts to scale? I plan to use a plasma cutting table to cut these parts. Would 1/4″ plate work or should I stick to 3/16″?

  20. Hi, I purchased a pedal go kart from Amazon for my son for Christmas. It’s a little small so he’s working really hard to pedal. Can you help me out with the best way to extend the tubing so he has a little more leg room. I read so far to cut the tubing and install a few inches with welding. If you could do a video it would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to preplace the plastic-like tires if possible.

  21. Hello i am building a monster go cart. I have the 420cc predator with the 40 series torque converter. Anyways all i have left is the live axle and the seat. I saw your video and the 3 go carts you finished up for sale and i was wondering if you would be able to do seats like that for mine and i could buy them. I have no idea what kind of go cart i have as ive searched for months. Its a 2 seater. I already have the seat frame and sliders all i need is the cushions. I am unable to sew so it would be difficult for me to try it on my own. The seat dimensions are 33×17 for the bottom and 33×15 for the backrest. I havent found any online with those dimensions. If this is something you could possibly do for me please let me know. Thank you.

  22. Hi,im building a go kart,i bought a 212cc predator motor,its a single wheel drive,my sprocket is bolted to wheel,no jack shaft so,would the motor have to be mountes in driver side,or passenger side?

  23. Hi – just bought the deluxe plans and saw the steel bill calls for 5 x 10 foot sections of the 1×1 square tubing. I can’t see any sections of the frame that are 10 feet long so was this just the suggested length to get the most material out of the purchased sections? In other words, could I buy 6 foot sections even if that means I might end up with more waste cuts? My local steel supplier charges a lot for prep/cuts so I’m thinking it might just be easier to buy from my local HD/Lowes.

    1. your local steel supplier is going to be way cheaper than your local hardware store. They typically sell them in 20-22 ft sections. Do a little bit of math, and I’m sure you can get them in smaller legnths. I just bought the 20 foot sections and had them cut them in half, so its not really necessary to have them in exact 10 ft lengths if you can get everything to fit just right.

      1. Hello….I just Required a critter go kart that has less than 10 Hours on it. I like to know its value I planned to sell it I’m 64 270 pounds and 62 years old I can’t use it. Can you advise

        1. its worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. I sold mine completely restored with a new engine, chain, seat, paint job, and floor runner for $500. I also bought it for $100, so $100-$500 depending on condition in my opinion. Might be able to get more if its right before christmas and you got a lazy parent that waited until the last minute for gifts.

  24. I bought the deluxe plans and I was looking through it and couldn’t find the thickness of the metal used. What is the thickness of the plate steel?


      1. Hi im really intrested in starting my simple build but what’s scaring me a lirtle is cutting out my steel pieces from the sheet metal and since its my first time really the description by them are confusing. I know in total is 15pieces but since we’re using the 8″ seat whats the cuts needed now please help or i wont take the risk.

        1. thanks for the inquiry, i got your message on facebook as well and sent you detailed jpeg images of where to cut. If you are not comfortable cutting steel, you can just ask a steel distributor or machine shop to cut out the parts given the jpegs i sent you. They have laser cutters and water cutters that will make quick work fo it all if you just give them that diagram.

  25. Hello, I just bought the deluxe live axle plans/kit. Looking at the hardware, I had a question. The 5/8 machine bushing. Is that ID/OD? What thickness? Also the 2.5″ OD flat washer, what ID?


    1. Ray, the machine bushing is 5/8″ ID. it is just a very thin washer that is used to keep the nut from contacting the bearing seal. The other washer is for the steering wheel. If you go to the hardware store and get a fender washer, that should be good. the washer is for the steering wheel to attach to, so you could even just cut out a piece of metal and do it.

  26. Ok I am SFC STEVE RUIZ and I’m stationed in lubbock tx in the US ARMY. I am helping my son build a go cart. I am planning on buying that 212hp predator engine from harbor freight. I cannot find anywhere the stage one kit that you showed on utube. I can only find the ones with the timing plate advance. I only want the one that has the muffler, air intake system and carb jet. Can you help?

  27. Hi. I am thinking about removing the governor on my predator 212 engine and it seems fairly simple. However, the part I find confusing is setting up a throttle linkage since you remove the original throttle setup. I would greatly appreciate it if you could make a video, and or just explain to me how this is done.

    1. Yeah, I can do that. There are multiple ways of doing it. One way is to remove your gas tank, and install a top plate where the tank was. These are pre-fabricated and for go kart racing. Another way is to shave part of the black plastic off of the throttle mechanism and get a relatively inexpensive direct throttle linkage and do it that way.

  28. I was wondering if you knew somewhere to find “adult sized” go-kart plans. I’m 6’4″ so if I restore one or build one from most plans…. my knees are over the steering wheel and turning is awkward.

  29. Hi KartFab. Im new to the go cart world. I want to build a go cart, but I only have a lawn mover engine with 6hp. Is it possible to use it and how can I do that?

    1. it is extremely difficult to make a go kart from a lawn mower engine because lawn mower engines are vertical shaft, and go karts use horizontal shaft. You would be better off finding an old industrial piece of equipment with a horizontal shaft engine on it (e.g. trash pump, wood chipper, power washer, edger, tiller) and repurpose the engine for a go kart.

  30. Hello,
    Couple questions:
    1.Do the Live axle plans come with the upgrade kit or purchased separately?
    2. The live axle design of yours with a Predator 212 engine – would I be able to drive it around if I weigh in at 205 pounds?
    3. I am 6′ – 3″ tall, am I too tall for your design? If yes, can the frame be stretched a few inches?
    4.If the live axle design is driven on pavement – can the axle be damaged? If yes, can the 1/4″ key be removed on one of the wheels?
    5. What is the delivery time for the upgrade kit?


    1. 1) purchased separately
      2)yes, easily. I weigh 230 and it hauls me around fine. Use torque converter for best acceleration and slightly higher top speed.
      3) I am also 6’3″. Stretch frame between the steering hoop and pedals. 6″ stretch is about right. However, I ride the kart at the shorter length with no issues.
      4) The live axle design is very robust. There is no way the axle will be damaged. It is just slightly harder to turn a very tight circle on pavement. With that said, this kart is easy to turn on pavement.
      5) delivery time depends on where you live, usually 3-5 business days is when they arrive (dont quote me on that). Kits are typically shipped within 24 hours of ordering.

      Have fun Building!

  31. Hi:

    I hope you can help me with my son’s school project. H is rebuilding MANCO gokart, he got a briggs & Stratton 1150 250cc snow blower engine horizontal shaft and We are trying to linkage a throttle cable but I have not idea how create a linkage, can you give me some advice? ref. engine Model# 15T212-0160-F8. Thank you

  32. I am SUPER new to the go kart world. I never had one andi never built one. How long does it take you to build a basic one wheel drive cart shown in your videos? I want to know how long it takes you because i’m trying to gauge how long it’ll take ME if I work on it with my husband for a couple of hours each day.

    1. if you get all your ducks in a row before hand, probably 1 day for cutting, 1 day for welding, 1 day for painting, and 1 day for assembly.

  33. Hi, my friend and I are young enthusiasts, new to the world of Go Karts and we have had little success trying to build our own from old lawn mowers, chainsaws, bed frames, chairs, wheel barrows and anything else we could repurpose or buy dirt cheap. Do you have any suggestions for the more financially strapped?
    Keep making videos!

  34. Always wanted a go-kart and finally picked one up from a neighbor. Only took me 49 years and it’s for my son who still has a few years before he can ride solo. It has a 5hp Tecumseh H30 in good condition, roll cage, 11x4x5 turf tires, and a centrifugal clutch but is slow to accelerate from a dead start. We’re on the edge of town in a neighborhood where many families have similar “toys” and ride the cul-de-sac streets. Would it be worth upgrading the clutch to a torque converter? My concern is the engine is so small but I’d like to be able to “get out of trouble” should that ever arise. Sorry for the length but I wanted you to know where I’m coming from. Thanks.

    1. you would be ok with a 30 series torque converter. Double check the engine shaft diameter. Smaller engines sometimes have 5/8″ shaft. Worst case scenario, you drop in a predator 212 and that may fix your issue to begin with.

  35. If I have a one wheel go kart how would I make it into a live axle? Also can I put a Duromax 18hp engine on the go kart and what would I have to change to put it on?

    1. Search “live axle kit” you will need to weld axle hangars on the frame for the bearing flangettes to bolt onto. You can put an 18 hp engine on a go kart, but thats a BIG engine with about 3x the power you need. You would need to put a 40 series torque converter on it to be able to hold up to the stress, and a beefy motor mount.

  36. Hi, i’m French. I want to buikd a go-kart. Could You send me the go-kart plan in dwg format please ? I would like to modify it before starting. And i will transform thée inch in mm… 😉


  37. G’day KartFab. I have purchased the live axle deluxe plans and well advanced with my project. While my kart is basically your design, there is a difference. I have a vertical shaft 190 cc mower motor with a belt drive to a 3 speed Peerless transmission. As a mower motor the speed is controlled by a governor. My question to you is, when I set up a setup throttle control, would you recommend leaving the governor in place or run with throttle only?
    Really enjoying working with your plans. Cheers. John.

    1. John, i would only recommend no governor if you have other supporting performance modifications. That being said, people remove the governor all the time and don’t throw a rod, but then some do throw a rod…

  38. working on the live axle plan. I have the kit with the included steering hoop. Per plans, the steering shaft is 18″ long and I welded the flat bar for the hoop 10.25″ from the front axle tube. In order for the shaft to contact the underside of the hoop,the hoop would need to be angled but the plan says that it should be vertical. Please advise, thanks

    1. steering hoop in subsequent kits was made longer. Cut the hoop to your desired length and angle so you have the steering shaft at whatever height you prefer.

  39. PLEASE HELP .. Just put a new rack .. Steering .. Etc on my kids gokart I just bought to have it ready for Christmas and it now steers backwards
    You turn the wheel opposite direction you want to go … What have I done wrong. Please help ! Would flipping the whole rack over help. I can’t have her drive it this way. Works great .. Only steering reversed !

    1. Oh that is funny and tragic! You can also try switching the spindle arm location (e.g. flip spindle, if arm was facing toward rear of kart, flip so spindle arm faces front of kart).

  40. Stumbled onto this site when I searched DIY kart plans, thank you so much, love the DIY kart plan and will be building one for my 3 boys. I see the kart is powered by a Harbor Freight 6.5 engine. I have a brand new Harbor Freight 8 HP engine with a 1″ shaft in counterclockwise rotation from the PTO side I was going to use for another project that I’d like to use for this. What changes would I have to make to the parts list to be able to utilize this engine I already have. Thanks

  41. KF
    On the Live Axle Kart Plans:

    The U-shaped steering column support tube in the parts kit…Does that have to get mounted vertically or is there enough length on the legs to allow it to sit back at a 75 degree angle or so?

    1. it comes in the kit ‘long’ meaning you cut it to size. There are no hard and fast rules on where to mount it, and you can definitely allow it to sit back. If you put it on an angle, you should probably just weld another section of 1″x1″ square tubing for it to sit on so it wont flex. Have fun!

  42. Can the live axle go cart handle a duel max 18hp I had plans to make it a kinda fun off road go cart with some tractor tires and welding but I believe it should be able to hamdle this size motor right

  43. Hi KF!
    Really great package of info, tips, photos and videos you have here. A whole lot of “instructions” and YouTube videos get pretty vague at points ( “…wait…what the heck? How did he do that part??”) but you keep the novice on track. It’s a tough thing for an expert to remember all the way back to when they were a beginner and remember to convey the basics all along the process.

    Although I rode a lot as a kid, this is my first build and I’m doing it with my ten year old son. It feels really awesome to be able to share this with him. Although my dad was an awesome father, this stuff was not in his wheelhouse. he supported my karting but couldn’t really participate too much.

    I can see you are using Sketchup for design and plans. One of the bugaboos with SU is dimensions are pretty darned wonky right within sketchup itself. There are some tricks that I’d be happy to share if you’re interested. (I work on sketchup for a living and I love it!) Hit me on my email.

    Thanks! I’ll stay in touch over at DIY with progress on our live axle build which should start any day now (as soon as the electrician get’s 230V to our garage!)

  44. G’day KartFab. Love your website. I plan to build a go kart for still young grandsons. We are on a couple of acres so ideal for your live axle design. I plan to buy your plans for $US20. We live about 40K west of Melbourne so will be purchasing using $A. Is there any isuue with that?
    Keep up the good work.
    John from downunder

  45. I have an old chassis that has been under appreciated for too long now. I would like it see go to a new home and brought back to life for someone to enjoy. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you don’t mind my asking, where are you generally located, and would you be interested in starting a new project?

  46. KartFab,
    First, thanks for all your videos and instructions — all very interesting, helpful and well done!

    I have a couple questions. I downloaded the free fixed axle plans, bought the steel that was listed in the plans to build the frame, and then bought the Standard Live Axle kit from GoPowerSports. I then went back to your site and paid for the Standard Live Axle plans, which I also downloaded.
    Here are my questions:

    1. I did not see in your LiveAxle instructions a list of the steel (only the hardware). As I examine all the diagrams, it seems to be basically the same as in the free fixed axle plans, except the LiveAxle diagrams also include a 3/16″ – 1″ flat bar that is used both under the motor mount and to support the steering hoop. Can you confirm if this is the only additional piece of steel needed or am I missing something? (and was there a list of steel in the LiveAxle instructions which I somehow missed?).
    2. I see on your site there is a MyAccount link but I did not get a password with my purchase confirmation. Should I have gotten a password? Other than the link to the LiveAxle instructions and the XXXXXXX password to enter the site, was I supposed to get an account for some other info available?

    Thanks again!

    1. 1) live axle instructions have a list of the steel, it is on the 4th page highlighted in light red. Please reference that for what steel you need.
      2) You did get a password with your purchase confirmation. You just posted it to the world so I edited your reply to avoid giving it out to the internet. You received an email that is your purchase receipt/purchase confirmation with the web address and password for both the deluxe live axle, and the standard live axle versions of the plans.
      3) there are the plans that you have downloaded, then there are the webpages (1 for deluxe, 1 for standard) that you have the passwords to that have full size images of the same images you have in yoru PDF files in case you need to look at extra fine details.

      To answer your question about the standard live axle plans, no, they are not the same as the free plans. Similiar? Yes, but the motor mount, brakes, axle weldment positions, steering hoop, steering hoop brace, brake rod, and brake rod length are all different. Also, the parts for the free plans vs the standard live axle plan are different. If you want to know which one to build, please reference the plans of the one you want to build. If you want to know which parts you need, please reference the parts kit page for the parts you need to get.

      Hope that helps, and have fun with your build!

  47. Do you sell complete kart kits like the orange one you built or can you build me one an if so how much?

  48. My 9 year old son and I would like to make a go-Kart out of wood. With Steering wheel. Can you recommend something for us. I do not have the proper tools for welding so wood is our best option. We would also like to have it as a 2-person go kart with a easy to bolt down pulley system motor in the back. Please help us with options. searching the web has not helped much.

    1. jeff, try youtube. There is a video series about how to make a go kart out of wood. Please understand that the reason why wood is not used is because it is not sturdy, it rots, and people have made them out of wood in the past only to have them break and seriously injure themselves.

  49. I was wondering it you do custom designs for steering systems?
    I was needing a heavy duty design for my custom BBQ Pit. it weights about 500 pounds and i need to add a way to manually turn the front tires so i can load it on to my toy hauler for competitions.

    1. Ughh sounds dangerous. Wish i could help. You are probably overthinking it. Might want to look into a floor jack, or even a motorized wheel that you can steer (like the ones they use for small airplanes or trailer movers).

  50. How much would the steel cost for the deluxe live axle frame? I wanted to get the deluxe live axle kit with a 420cc engine on it but I wanted to know how much all of the parts for the frame would generally cost if I went to a steel yard.

  51. Just bought a 212cc Predator motor for my go kart.. got it all mounted and set up for the throttle. Problem I’m having is that when i start the motor the cam spins which makes the rear tire spin also.. What do i have to do so that its not spinning and just sits at idle so all i have to do is get on and go and not have to worry about the kart taking off every time i start it?

    1. adjust the throttle so the friction nut is loose (10mm nut that the throttle lever pivots on). Adjust it to idle with the black plastic screw on the top of the carb so it idles around 1600 rpm. This is below the clutch engagement rpm so it will idle just fine.

  52. My kids have downloaded your free go kart plans and purchased your kit. I’m giving them guidance on how to set thing up. They have followed your instructions and video. They are 95% complete. The instructions and videos are excellent.

    We have watched your video on installing the brake band and brakes. They are having troubles with setting up the tension on the brake band and braking. It seems it is a delicate balance between friction on the back tire and braking. On the bench, the tire stops when you press the brake. When the go kart is mock up with the tires on the ground, it does not stop very well when we push it. Can you give us guidance on how much pressure on the break band vs friction on the tire. The travel on the brake pressure is about 1/2″ because of the brake stops. Our concern is when you have the motor running and you can’t stop. The travel on the stops limits the braking power. Can you recommend how we will fix this.


    1. If the travel is 1/2″, then you didn’t install the pedal stops far enough away from the pedal. When installing the brake band stud you want to compress the brake band all the way around the drum, then that is the spot for the stud to be welded (with brake band compressed). The rod/pedal should hold the brake band away from the drum just far enough to where it doesn’t rub on the drum. Hope that helps! The drum on the kart I built locks up at any speed if you mash on the brake hard enough, and this is with the pedal pushed in approximately half way without the steering stops being an issue.

  53. HI there, I’ve got a vintage 60-70’s manco go kart, I was wondering if you can tell me what model it is if I send ya a few photos.
    Thank u Lee

  54. hey man love the go cart plans if you could please email me with some contact information I got a few things id like to talk to you about

  55. On the Preadator 212, is it necessary to completely remove the governor? I removed the linkage rod and springs from the governor and fabricated a linkage to get full throttle.

    1. Something tells me you already know what you need to do, and you are just trying to find an easy way out. The engine is only $100 anyway, and gambling is fun.

  56. Is it safe to run a 212cc predator engine with the filter and jet upgrade with header and add a autolite performance spark plug and 18lb valve springs

  57. Need some help. Your video on drive and driven clutch overhaul was great. I have rebuilt the clutch/torque converter and have a question. The belt surfaces on the clutch were pretty pitted, wire wheeled them and all the rust is removed, they are shiny but still pitted, not smooth. I am not sure if polishing is going to solve the problem. Is the pitting even a problem? I guess that is my question. How smooth do you get it and how.

    1. You can only go so far when fixing these up. There isn’t much you can do for pitting short of replacing it. If it runs great with the pitting and it isn’t rusted, then I’d call that a success.

    2. Hi, I really enjoy this!!!! I always wanted a kart as a kid. 59 now…… and finally have one. Would like to fix it up and would like to know where to find parts. 920- 203-2170. Thank you! Tony.

  58. I was interested in the paid plans, however the form is not submitted via SSL. I’m not comfortable filling out that level of detail and sending it via HTTP is there another way?

  59. Hi kartfab can u fabricate a camshaft that make my 16hp briggs and stratton engine to make it 4000 rpm im using it fo boat racing can u help me make my engine powerful and im planning to buy billet flywheel for my engine can I have ur phone nr or ur address thank a lot happy holiday

      1. Hi kartfab thanks for ur reply and if u know a web site for small engine cam or dynocam I appreciate ur kindness thank u

  60. I am looking to build a kart for my son. We are looking for something that is a little more off road orientated? Do you have any plans or suggestions for building this? Any info is very much appreciated!


  61. how long did it take for you to make the go kart, also, do I need the live axle plans in order to build a live axle go kart?

  62. Thank You. One more question. When using the 11″ seat slides and the bigger 12″ slider braces. What position do you weld the braces at? Do you keep the 1″ 10 1/2″ measurement from the front of the cart to the front of the brace or do you move the brace forward forward?


    1. I recently purchased the live axle plans and would like to build the standard frame with the torque converter, disk brakes and slick tires. Will the standard frame support these options or is the deluxe frame rear offset necessary to accommodate these parts? I’m essentially looking to build the deluxe model without having to use 18″ rear tires. Thanks!

  63. I bought the live axle plans, im at the bearing and live axle installation part, im assembling the live acle so i can get my brake system set up correct. I have the 4 flangettes, the bearing, the 4 split collar locks, and the 2 rigid twist collar locks, im able to tell that the twist locks have a recess in them to fit onto the lip on the bearing. My question is the orientation of the flangettes, and orientation of the bearings. Do the flangettes face lip out or lip in? And does the lip side of bearing face inward facing motor, or outwards facing tire?

    1. James, orientation of bearings and lock collars doesn’t matter much as long as you have room for it to fit and you can lock them down. Flangettes have a lip on them that goes around the bearing, so the widest part of the flangette goes over the bearing, two flangettes per bearing.

      1. Thank You. One more question. When using the 11″ seat slides and the bigger 12″ slider braces. What position do you weld the braces at? Do you keep the 1″ 10 1/2″ measurement from the front of the cart to the front of the brace or do you move the brace forward forward?


  64. hey…I switched computers and misplaced my downloads. any chance you can email me another link? the one I have says it’s no longer valid.


      1. Hi,


        I purchased May 22, 2016 under the email address that this post is under. I’d prefer not to post it here so bots don’t pick up my info. Let me know if you can grab that from the posting.

        Scott Kornblatt

  65. Hi I wanted to do something with my grand son, Can you recommend kits orold Kart is ok to refurbish. List of stuff you sell

      1. Just a reminder, I’m still interested in a quote for a complete bolt together go kart kit when you have a minute. My zip code is 95864. Thanks

      2. A parts list would be nice and prices along with the diffrent engines and what there good for love the site and the videos

  66. Need a go kart for my son. 13hp or more. I’d like it to do 40 or so mph with a roll cage. Can you build one for us? Like to be $1500 or under.

    1. Bryan. Please don’t take offense to this, but $1500 is not even going to cover the cost of materials. Try looking at a Trailmaster 300, and you will see that what you are wanting will cost between $3000 and $5000 built in china for less than what can be done in the US. Thanks.

    1. the free plans are for a simple 1 wheel drive kart, and the paid plans are for a more advanced kart with better traction and off road capabilities.

  67. Hey…back in may I purchased the Live Axel plans, but only downloaded the Standard and not the Deluxe.

    I checked out the gallery area hoping a copy of the plans would also be there but was no so lucky.

    any chance I’d be able to confirm my transaction to get a download of the Deluxe plans?

  68. where do I get the brake rod and throttle cable guide tab and the eyelets..do I make them, buy it or does it come in the kit.

      1. Hi-
        Iminvesting in my first mini bike. Its an old bike with a 49cc briggs on it. No brakes, but it has this weird foot lever on it. What is that? I noticed your mini bikes have it too. Its on the left right next to the peg.
        Please let me know when you can, thanks!

  69. Hi – We are using a predator 212 which we modified with a straight exhaust and curved extended intake manifold in order to fit the engine inside the cart we are restoring. The governor is still on the engine. The engine is flooding and preventing it from starting. Any ideas if the flooding is related to the mods of the intake and exhaust?

  70. I’m at a loss I wanna order parts for my restore but don’t know what kind of go kart it is, I just don’t wanna order wrong parts any suggestions

  71. I’m not a “Social Media” or “Computer” guy. Do you have a mechanism for me mailing a check for the plans and you sending them in the mail?

    1. All plans are emailed in PDF form. All you need to do is follow on screen instructions when buying them with a credit card and you will get an email with the plans in them. If you dont use a credit card, you can use paypal instead.

  72. Have you ever tried to incorporate your plans with a wood frame? Similar ones to what the gokartguru is doing. I would love to buy your plans, the parts from gopowersports and build the kart from wood using gokartguru. I just don’t have access to the metal frame. But would like to buy your frames.

    1. Brett, a wooden frame go kart is possible to build. However, my plans go over the best way to build a go kart. Wood rots, and can split easily. I’m not saying it cant be done, rather, that it is a very BAD idea to make a wooden go kart. A guy almost died when his fell apart (it was built pretty solid). If you lack the skills to build a metal one, rather than trying to make one out of wood, just get on Craigslist and buy an old one and fix it up. It may end up saving you from a serious injury or death.

      1. Kart fab i have briggs 5hp flat head like the one you built and i bought all the suplies to make a bronda but i dont have a axhaust or intake manifold do sell kits or can you make me one and ill buy it of of you

        1. you can buy an intake adaptor and use a 22 mm mikuni carb, and they sell prefabricated exhausts (try torque tubes) or just google briggs 5 hp performance exhaust.

  73. Do you know where to find a 16 ga sheet metal (26″x20″ section)? I’ve looked for quite a while,and I’m having trouble finding the exact measurements listed.

    1. Mattie, google “steel suppliers near me” and just call them up, say you need to get a piece of 26×20″ 16 ga sheet metal sheared and order the rest of your tubing and plate while you are at it.

  74. i replied to you via email. Ill put a reminder on my calendar to respond to you tonight when I have access to a computer. Youtube videos area already up for the majority of the build (similar to free plans), however, live axle build videos are currently being edited and should be out within the next 2 months. The plans are very detailed and will give you all the information you need to build the kart – the special access page and youtube videos are just supplemental info.

  75. Love the plans and videos. Roughly everything invested in the cart including engine and all, how much did you spend on the completed cart? I’d like to build one for my nephew.
    Thanks, kelly

  76. Great website and thanks for all the great information. I’m looking at building a motorized picnic table. The idea is to be able to drive from the rear. I would like to build it up from your plans. Looking to seat 4-6 adults and beverages. Not looking to be racing around, just enjoy it around the campground. Questions being. 1. Do you think the steel tube that you are using will be heavy enough to support my idea? 2. Will a 6.5hp be big enough? 3. What type of clutch would you recommend? Thank you for your time.

    1. Kevin, thats a great idea. You will need to gear it for a very very low speed so you don’t burn up the clutch. You will have to achieve this through compound reduction through jack-shafts. Id say the engine and clutch are not as important as your gearing. Gearing is the key to the entire thing.

  77. Hi,
    Would you just build me a two seater frame like the one in th videos? I don’t have the stuff to build one. I can’t find one anywhere. I would like to buy one and then get the go power kit and put it together.

  78. I just bought my first kart to work on with my kids. It’s an old two seat kart with a 6hp Tecumsuh (tecumseh engine 0HH60 71157D) that isn’t running and a bolt on roll cage. From what I have read I should just take that engine off and replace it with a predator 6.5hp. Is that something a novice can do fairly easily with the help of your videos? The steering wheel shaft is also rusted to the guide tube. Any tips on breaking that loose? Thanks.

    1. yeah, the bolt pattern for a predator and tecumseh are the same. you just unbolt it, and bolt on a new one. The steering wheel shaft would need some ‘pb blaster rust penetrating spray’ or similar spray to lube it up, then just work it back and forth until it gets loose.

  79. Hi. I am reading through your deluxe plans. I was wondering what the kart can top out at with the 6.5hp Predator engine? I was thinking of building a kart to your specs but using a larger engine and 40 series torque converter. What are your thoughts?

    1. The 6.5 hp engine with 30 series torque converter tops out at 36 mph, which is pretty fast for a go kart.

      What you are talking about for the 40 series is possible, I have done it to a few old go karts. The torque that they have is unsafe for a go kart, and I do not advise doing this (especially if you are wanting to put kids on the kart-see my YouTube video “go kart wheelies”). Safety is a huge deal with go karts as they are basically a small car with no safety features.

      With that being said. If you were to choose a larger engine and 40 series torque converter, the engine mount that comes in the deluxe kit is designed for the small AND big block engines (eg 8-22 hp size 4 stroke industrial predator 420 cc, honda gx390 etc).

      The engine will fit, but how to attach the torque converter? There are two options
      1) buy a bolt on 40 series torque converter http://www.gopowersports.com/40-series-torque-converter-kit-bolt-on/#_a_KartFab

      2) build your own jackshaft setup. I have built my own jackshaft holders using DOM tubing or pipe with an ID just over 1 3/8″ and put in a 5/8″ keyed shaft and bearings for the jackshaft to hold the driven unit. Then you would need to weld it to a second plate that keeps the center to center distance fixed. The holder and plate would be one unit, the engine would bolt through that unit and the supplied mount in the kit.

      So…. With all that said… I don’t advise putting in a large engine as the way I designed it is safe and still very powerful.

  80. I purchased the Deluxe plans and received an email telling me I have access to a password protected area. How do I get into that area? Thanks, Mike O’Brien

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for the question. Basically you get two plans, the standard live axle and the deluxe upgrade. Each plan has a support page. Within the plans themselves, you scroll down to the 3rd page where it says “Password protected area of KartFab.com for extra support and pictures ” and you will find a link below that and the password below the link. The password protected area is a supplement to the plans and has many of the same pictures in the plans, but in high resolution.

  81. Kartfab (your real name?), I’m doing a CL project for my two girls, and wonder if you could tell me if this seat on a older Manco Fox Tracer LXT is installed correctly? The bolts from the top of the seat slider push up into my new seat from Gopowersports, this being my first refurb I’m a little concerned. Here’s a pic, thank you! 🙂

    – Steve

      1. The bolts are welded to the seat slider, I cannot replace them. I thought you may have seen this before on karts you’ve refurbished and sold?

  82. Hey Man great videos! what is the average coast for the steel materials and cost of hardware? i can t seem to find a steel shop around me.

    1. CJ, the steel will run you about $150 at most. The hardware will be about $30. I got all mine at tractor supply and they sell it by the pound. Try searching in google for ‘steel distributors near me’ or ‘steel yards near me’ some metal recyclers buy used/extra steel and sell it at a discount. Im lucky enough to live in dallas where any steel yard wil ship me steel for $30 + cost of materials.

  83. Wow man so talented . I only wish I could do what you do .
    I can’t seem to find on your website where you guys work out of.
    I am not looking for custom built small engine motor for a go kart but for something else all together.
    I feel you have the skills to take what I have in my head and make it real.

    Feel free to get back to me if you are interest $

    Anyways man you guys are awesome !

  84. Hey I’m putting a 18hp v-twin key start mine and I need to find a clutch that will work for it….it’s going to be engine clutch chain drive shafts no torque converter or jack shaft

  85. Do you have instructions on how to align a go kart jackshaft? I moved mine over to replace the torque converter and now the jackshaft sprocket is a little too close to the engine and out of alignment.

    Thank you

    1. You can use machine washers to fine tune alignment left and right. Also, you can ‘eyeball’ the jackshaft with the axle shaft to make sure they are parallel. Sometimes pictures are needed, so check out the forum at DIYGoKarts.com and post pics. Lots of people can help over there.

      1. I moved the shaft to the left and to the right, but every time I tighten the driven pulley, the sprocket wants to push against the engine for some reason.


      2. Took your advice and put a washer behind the jackshaft sprocket. Everything lined up just right and I was able to use the kart with no issues afterward.


  86. How does the Manco double seat stay latched on one side? I just installed a new seat and slider latch assembly on my kart, but one side just floats around.

    Thank you

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