Whether it be MIG, TIG, or STICK welding, you will likely need to learn how to weld to make or repair your own go kart.  So lets get to the basics.

What welder is best? MIG vs STICK vs TIG

MIG is by far the easiest (and usually best) way to weld a go kart.  This is the ‘plug and play’ way to weld. I recommend MIGwelding because its very common, and if you can hold a pencil, you can MIG or Flux Core weld.


Stick welding is old school, but you can still do it!


I learned how to TIG weld first. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are a glutton for punishment. It takes both hands, fine motor skills, and usually a foot pedal for amperage control. The only good thing about tig welding, is that the when you finally get the hang of it, the welds just look so pretty.

I have a welder, now how do I weld?
MIG Welding

clamp your ground to the metal, hold the gun close to the metal, cock your head to one side, and pull the trigger. For better control, I place my left hand under my right hand and make little C’s as I travel along the weld path

STICK Welding

Clamp your ground to the metal, put a rod in the stinger, hold the stinger with both hands, strike or tap the metal with the tip of  the stick, then slowly push in and along where you want to weld and watch the stick and puddle. You want to push in and travel at the same time

TIG Welding

Clamp your ground to the workpiece. Lift arc, strike, or high frequency start your Tungsten, increase amperage, create a puddle, and feed the filler rod into the puddle. Sound easy? Its not.  Still want to try it? Don’t.  Just get a MIG welder.

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  1. Love the video series for the homemade go kart. My son wants one of his own now. He’s 15 and almost 6′ tall and somewhere north of 200lbs. Is it possible to modify the live axle go kart plans to accommodate adult riders?

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